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TWO New Locations in Development

Ayushman Hyderabad Campus & 108- Acre Countryside Campus

"Ayushman" Means Longevity ~ Good Health and Long Life

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शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ~ Shariramadhyam Khalu Dharmasadhanam

The body is the vehicle for the fulfillment of Dharma ~ Upanishads

"Ayushman means longevity ~ good health and long life. Even to do the dharma, sharira the body is a very important thing because the physical body is the instrument for righteous actions. Sharira means not only the body, but body, mind, and soul together ~ all should be in perfect balance, with good health and long life. This is the motto of our new Ayurveda Center because it was the main aim of all the Rishis who brought Ayurveda to the earth from the Gods. And it was the main aim of Maharishi who enlivened all the Vedic centers in the current era. And this is the main aim of the Raju family also. When like-minded people are together, through the collective consciousness success follows. Our success means we are not just building the infrastructure on the land ~ it is when we reach our aim for mankind. So for all these things, this first action will be the stepping stone to much more." Vaidya Krishna Raju

The Raju family will always keep the Sahara Center open on a smaller scale. But the need now is great for a larger, more efficient & modern facility as soon as possible. This makes the Ayushman campus a high priority because it can be finished quickly, and the beautiful 108-Acre campus will follow as the next grand step!

Ayushman 9-Acre "Green-Zone" Campus near Hitech City, Hyderabad

Ayurvedic Treatment facility & Hospital on virgin ground, in accordance with "Vastu" Vedic architecture.

  • Perimeter Wall to Ensure Privacy & Security

  • Residence & Treatment Buildings all in Close Proximity

  • Ayurveda Education, Research & Community Outreach

  • Brahmin Cows & Vedic Organic Dairy. Vedic Organic Agricultural, Floral, & Herbal Gardens with Bee-keeping

108-Acre Countryside Campus with Vastu Design ~ 1.5 hours from Hyderabad

Stunning Architectural plans in a beautiful, natural environment ~ groundwork to begin soon!

  • Wellness Center & Residence Buildings

  • Ayurveda Hospital

  • Vedic University Campus

  • Vedic Organic Farms, Gardens, Walkways & Bathing Pools

Website ~ rajuayurvedacenter.com

Ayushman Raju Ayurveda Center

Nestled in a protected Hyderabad "Green Zone"

The site is on virgin land in close proximity to Hyderabad's Hitech City, one of the very top information technology (IT) centers in the world. The location provides the "benefits of both worlds" ~ a quiet, secure, natural setting for extended panchakarma treatment, with easy access to world-class shopping and more. There will also be educational infrastructure for students, visiting faculty & Ayurveda research on site. And professional management will free our precious vaidyas so they can put all their attention on healing and expansion of knowledge & treatment programs.

Vastu Rectification in Progress

To create buildings in accordance with the Vedic Science of Architecture incorporating design principles of slope, orientation, space and measurement related to solar, lunar & planetary influences. Vastu Shastra is known as the "Yoga of Design." Buildings constructed according to these principles bring increase of harmony and life-supporting influence for health, happiness & prosperity.

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