Thyroid Treatment

The Raju Thyroid Treatment is for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, as well as other imbalances in the thyroid.

Many years ago the Raju family would hold "thyroid camps" for several days during the time when the special herb used in this treatment was in season. People would travel long distances to receive the treatment made with special techniques and practices only known by the Raju Vaidyas.

The thyroid gland is located in the neck area and controls our metabolism and many hormonal functions. The thyroid is also intimately linked to Agni, our digestive fire:

This treatment is especially important because a very large percentage of people have sub-clinical defects in the functioning of their thyroid, so it is often prescribed to individuals who do not realize they need help.

The treatment consists of a freshly prepared liquid herbal mixture made with fresh yogurt and enlivened by the vaidya with the vedic sounds. It is accompanied by a rice-only diet served with a strictly followed sequence of condiments. The simple diet allows the intelligence (healing properties) in the herb to restructure the body's metabolic functions without interference from digestion, because the rice digests so quickly yet provides all the energy that's needed to feel well while the herb is working (nine or more days, depending on the needs of the person). Additionally, the special herb "travels all over the body digesting ama" removing deeply rooted impurities (quote by Dr. Krishna Raju).

Explanation of Thyroid Treatment by Vaidya Krishna Raju

"Because there are so many factors which disturb the hormones, and all the endocrine hormones are interrelated one by one, if one hormone is changed, all the hormones are changed. Especially nowadays, because of the routines, fast foods, and behavior and all these things, the thyroid is getting disturbed first and in the females, estrogen and progesterone are getting disturbed first, and then due to that the hypothalamus and then the thyroid, so one by one all the hormones are disturbed. When the hormones are disturbed, the main thing, the best [one can do] is meditation and pranayama [slow alternate nostril breathing].

"When you are supplementing with some hormones externally [with allopathy], then it is a little difficult to treat the hormonal imbalance. But when we are giving the Thyroid Treatment, first the ama (undigested food build-up) will get digested nearer the glands. The ama has been accumulated here since a long time [in the areas where there is more space for the ama to build up]. The ama will be situated there [stuck] because of the heaviness, and the indigestion. Wherever it stays, there the disease starts. There are six stages of disease manifestation, and after that, only, the disease forms. So that [built up] ama has to be digested first, and that happens in the Thyroid and Banana Treatments.

"That is why we keep the plain rice diet. Rice is the carbohydrate which gives you energy to run the system, then whatever the herbal medication we give [thyroid or banana treatment] that works on the ama to digest it. That is why the seven days of the rice diet will digest and go deeper and deeper into all the dhatu [tissue] levels…seven days will work on that. So during that period, there will be some disturbance or emotional imbalances [coming out also]...some deep memories might be coming, or you might be a little delicate during that time. Rest is very much important during the Thyroid Treatment, but it’s not like completely going and being in your room. If you have the good atmosphere, moving [and being] with the people is good, but just be very easy and don't react [to things]."

"The digestive fire has to be gradually increased day by day. Like in the thyroid diet, when we are giving less food, gradually the ama will be digested and after the ama's digestion, the flame [agni] will be more. Then gradually, if we increase the food, then the digestive fire will be increasing and there will be no need [to worry] of the age and all these things. Age will also be a factor, but if we improve our digestive fire properly then the metabolism, dhatus [tissues], and ojas [strength] formation will be very good."

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Personal Experiences

"I have had the Raju Thyroid Treatment three times now. EVERY time I have had it, my thyroid numbers drop into the normal range within about a week of treatment. It has kept me off western medication which I want to avoid at all costs. Although I tested positive for Hashimoto's syndrome a number of years ago, there is no trace of it now." PK Guest ~ USA

"My partner had an underactive thyroid which was the worst our UK specialist had seen when he first met the Rajus. In summery from Will: My panchakarma treatment with the Raju's had already made a BIG difference with my underactive thyroid, but it was when I took the Raju Thyroid treatment that it sorted it out forever." PK Guest ~ England

"The first time I did the Raju thyroid treatment I could really feel how the herb changed my metabolic rate. They say the treatment allows the thyroid to reset itself, and also the metabolism, to the proper levels. Even a few days after finishing the third dose of the herb that first time, the effects were quite strong. Loads of fatigue poured out, and all I wanted to do was rest, and rest. Then something shifted at the end and I felt a new strength and energy, along with big improvements in digestion. I couldn't believe how lasting and noticeable the effects were. I've done thyroid three times now and each time it gives me a big boost...especially for digestion. The Rajus say that the thyroid herb "runs all over the body digesting ama" and this makes a lot of sense because you feel so clear and strong afterwards." PK Guest ~ USA

"I feel better every time I receive the Raju thyroid treatment, even though in my blood test nothing ever showed as bad." PK Guest ~ Italy

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