Rasayanas & Remedies

According to Ayurveda, our bodies digest and are changed by every experience we have. Whether it be a delicious, healthy meal, the love we feel for our family, or a full day of work—EVERYTHING we do and experience intimately affects our health and well-being. 

A Rasayana is "That which Nourishes"

There are many kinds of rasayanas ranging from positive behaviors to especially nourishing foods, all of which promote life in important ways. 

Life & Health Promoting Behavioral Rasayanas

"Any rasayana will cost a little bit but behavioral rasayanas, even without paying you can have the benefits on your own, so how simple it is...free rasayana!  All the good behaviors are behavioral rasayanas, like speaking the truth and being with all the good qualities, and good daily routine…all these good things." 

Vaidya J.R. Raju 

Early to Bed / Early to Rise

Meditate Daily

Help Others & Speak Kind Truth

Seek the Company of Elders

“We are making the big protection by saving, by protecting the skin. The skin protects so much…protects the smriti (cellular memory). Because of this it is said that just by doing abhyanga every day it avoids gara, the old age [increasing vata]....we have to maintain that vital energy. The techniques are there [from ancient ayurveda]; they are the keys. It creates another level of kavatch (protection). You have to make your skin very powerful to carry the message of the immortality [throughout the body]. We have to maintain this invincible skin with abhyanga.” 

Vaidya J.R. Raju   

Practice daily abhyanga, self oil massage ~ a cornerstone of the Ayurvedic daily routine: 

Balance activity with rest in your life: 

“The energies flowing in our body are focusing and aiming, structuring everything. Good thoughts create the good energies, bad thoughts create the bad energies. Non-fear can reverse ANYTHING." 

Vaidya J.R. Raju

"Not worrying" is a powerful rasayana for health:  

"Walking barefoot in the late afternoon is very good ~ because of the shoes and living upstairs and all, we are insulated. We are not getting the proper "earthing" (not grounded) which is making static electricity build up in our body. To get rid of that, proper earthing is required." 

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Practice Surya Namaskar daily:

Surya Namaskar (sun-salute asana sequence) morning and evening is very effective for bringing up the agni (digestive power) and physical/mental strength. Doing 13 full repetitions is ideal but be sure to build up gradually and do not strain.  The energy of the sun's rays gets absorbed by the body through the different "angles" of Surya Namaskar ~ even when doing indoors!

Late afternoon sun exposure is highly beneficial:

This is the best time for natural Vitamin D  absorption to increase the agni and mineral/calcium absorption. When we do daily abhyanga the skin physiology is improved and we can absorb Nature's vitamin D even more.

Seasonal Rasayanas ~ Ayurvedic Principles for Staying Balanced in the Different Seasons

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are more nourishing ~ "Good ripened fruit is always light—fully ripened on the tree. That is why seasonal fruits are best. If you take the seasonal fruits, those are for that season. They are according to the nature [in tune with nature]. So those can be taken. And the foods, if you say, "This is allergic to me, and this I cannot take"…don’t keep those barriers. Some foods are heavier, and if you take them, then body will react. So take that thing very little. If you are restricting something, then you have to restrict so many things and the memory [habit] will be to restrict. Then you develop the allergies. All the things [good foods] can be eaten and digested. So take what can be easily digested in a good [proper] amount—only a small amount of heavier things." 

Vaidya Krishna Raju  

Use the "Principle of Opposites" to balance seasonal extremes and protect your health:

During the different seasons, one dosha (physical quality) will tend to dominate in nature for the entire period, so balancing (doing the opposite) of that dosha through what you wear, how you eat, and the activities you do, goes a long way towards protecting from seasonal imbalances that can lead to health problems down the road. 

Food habits should be different in the different seasons:

Key Rasayana Foods ~ All the different foods and spices have their influence & value for health

"We have a defense mechanism ~ abhyanga is the main thing ~ the foremost. And the spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin, ajwain, mustard, asafoetita, these are the main things to remove the toxins and strengthen the digestive system. Digestive system is the thing which separates the essence [nutritional essence] and the waste. If it is waste, proper digestion will take it away. If you are eating a lot, even though it is nutritious food or herbs, the essence part it will take and convert into the waste." 

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Spiced Milk & Ghee

"Milk increases the longevity"

Ghee (clarified butter)

"Ghee brings the Ojas" (strength)

Unheated Raw Honey

A healing rasayana food

Cooking With Spices

"Saves the good health"

“Don’t miss dal every day and don’t miss rice or wheat and different grains every day, and then milk & lassi—make these every day. Then you will be getting all the proteins. And vegetables also ~ sometimes you can miss the vegetables, but don’t miss the other things and ghee—don’t miss the ghee.”

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Sipping hot water frequently is the "best thing" best rasayana for any condition ~

Water is a fundamental source of nourishment for our bodies, and hot water is a universal antidote to every disease.  

"Milk increases the longevity" Vaidya J. R. Raju ~

Milk is an important rasayana food which brings ojas (strength) and qualities of balanced kapha (stability, unctuousness, etc.) to the physiology when properly cooked and taken according to digestion. 

Ghee, clarified butter, is a powerful rasayana due to its nourishing, healing properties ~

Lassi, diluted blended yogurt drink, is an important rasayana food which clears the physical channels ~  

Lassi from fresh "sweet" yogurt (made daily) is so good for improving digestion, it's like medicine for the body. It also balances and reduces excess pitta (heat) and clears the physical channels. SEE LINK: Raju family "sweet" yogurt recipe

Cooking with spices removes toxins and "saves the good health" ~

"Cumin, ajwain, turmeric, ginger, and garlic will change your life." 

Vaidya Padma Raju.