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 Raju Herbal Rasayanas ~ Nourishing & Beneficial for ALL

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"The herbs Dr. Krishna recommended for me changed my digestion & other related problems that were so challenging for me for years ~ almost immediately. I never would have believed this to be possible, but IT IS!" 

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Rasāyana ~ रसायन is a Sanskrit word with the literal meaning: path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is a term that in early Ayurvedic medicine means the science of lengthening lifespan ~ Wikipedia.

These ancient rasayana formulas restore balance and strength to the physiology from the deepest, most unified levels of mind and body. They are especially beneficial when taken long-term, as their influence builds substantially over time. These product are for the purpose of balancing the “Doshas” (mind/body factors in Ayurveda) to increase good health and are not a replacement for any diagnosis or treatment advised by your home health care provider ~ lab tested for purity. 

Herbal Pastes

Smriti Vardhak Yog

Herbal Supplement for Improved Memory & Cellular Functioning  

"Smriti works in all the areas because it works on the cellular level and makes the cell to restore its own memory & brings the cellular DNA back to its proper sequence. Yes, the DNA will repair itself; it depends on the person's age, digestive strength, and all these things. With better digestion, the better the smriti works. Smriti is especially powerful during the 3:30 to 5:30 early morning brahmi muhurta time. At this time it is mainly good for the mind. Immediately it goes into the deeper and deeper levels and then spreads to all over the body." Vaidya Krishna Raju

MIXING PROPORTIONS : You will receive your smriti partially pre-mixed with equal amounts of smriti powder and concentrated brahmi ghee. The total weight on the label is the combined weight for both (or it will give the weight for each, e.g. 60g +60g or 180g + 180g). 

DOSAGES: Standard dose is one teaspoon per day in the early morning on an empty stomach, or whenever you wake up. 

KEEP YOUR SMRITI AWAY FROM HEAT: Never take smriti with hot liquids or foods. 

Taking smriti long-term is highly recommended (significant life-long benefits). 

Ananda Sidhi Yog

Rasayana for Physical Vitality & Regeneration

"Ananda Sidhi Yog (ASY) is supreme nourishment. It feeds the most refined levels in the physiology, where soma and ojas [finest fluids in the body] are supporting the health and consciousness. On this finest level, Ananda Sidhi Yog feeds the mind, so it will also elevate & change your smriti (memory).

"Ananda Sidhi Yog before meals is supplying all the nourishment and making the food have all the values of the ASY. If you take it before meditation, all your program and what you are doing is transformed into the eternal bliss. If taken before sleep, same thing. Only the difference is it is a little heavier than other things [other herbs] and has some food value. One time [one dose] it is never heavy. If taking with food then it gets digested with the food. Better not to take with hot liquid because it is so refined it should be melted with the body heat. When you take ASY with milk before the food, take very little milk, and ½ hour before meals.

 "Ananda Sidhi Yog brings strength, the immunity, good digestion ~ eternal bliss." 

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Taking ASY long-term is highly recommended (life-long benefits). 

Kesha Rasayana  

Rasayana  for the 7 Dhatus (tissues) & Calcium Absorption

"Kesha Rasayana is so restorative it is a cancer preventer & can even reverse cancer in the early stages. Every woman should always take it ~ good for all the tissues, bones, skin, hair, everything (not just good for women / good for men too!)." Vaidya Padma Raju

Good for calcium absorption, healthy hair and skin, and strong bones—nourishes all the seven layers of the dhatus (tissues) in the body. "The main purpose of kesha rasayana is strengthening the hair…also strengthens the bone tissue." Vaidya J.R. Raju 

Taking kesha rasayana long term is recommended whenever hair-loss and bone & skin health are a concern (good to take it preventatively later in life, especially after menopause). 

Herbal Tablets & Powders

Shodhana Vati

Dietary Supplement for Healthy Elimination of Toxins

Special Tea Mix

Digestive Aid to Clear "Ama" (undigested food)

Agnimandya Hara

Herbal Combination to Increase Agni (digestive fire)


Herbal Combination for Immunity & Allergies


Rasayana to Open the Channels & Promote Evenness/Calm

KKeram Powder

Granules for Herbalizing Abhyanga Oil 

Herbal Oils & Ghees

Nasika Thailam

Special Nasika

Gandusha Oil Pulling 

Prana Oil Drops

KKeram Massage Oil

Mahaganda Prana Oil (MGP)

Netra Tarpana Ghee

Kesha Samrakshak Oil

Pichu Ghee & Pradarhar Pichu Oil

Vata, Pitta & Kapha Ghees (coming)

Raju Skin-Care Products (coming)

Raju Hair-Care Products (coming)

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