Panchakama Scheduling & Planning

Thank you for your interest in our Panchakarma (PK) Programs

I am Harish and I oversee bookings for the PK slots, answer non-medical questions, and process herb orders, payments, and more. Please make sure you have seen our Panchakarma page before booking your treatment. And carefully review the PK package & travel advice below as you make your plans. If you have questions, please contact us at or

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Three Powerful Panchakarma Treatment Programs

Please email for current PK programs & pricing.

STANDARD RAJU REJUVENATION PK ~ Offers a thorough cleanse for the whole physiology & foundation for good health.

FOCUS RAJU REJUVENATION PK ~ for those who require a significantly stronger PK to target important areas of concern.

SPIRITUAL RAJU REJUVENATION PK ~ a powerful program to purify & refine the body for more rapid development of consciousness & perfect health.

SEE LINKS for details: Panchakarma, Primary PK Treatments

DAILY PACKAGE RATES ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE ~ according to your choice of three accommodation & treatment levels, including:

  • Daily PK program & regular pulse checks with the vaidya.

  • 100% vegetarian diet designed for maximum PK results.

  • Basic herbs taken as a part of the treatments.

  • Additional herb & treatment prescriptions outside the package plans will be billed separately.

  • All rooms are private with a/c & wifi.

  • If two people are sharing a room there is a discount per person.

STANDARD RAJU PK ~ Offers a thorough cleanse for the whole physiology & strong foundation for health. For those with moderate health needs & to economize on the cost of PK:

  • Recommended 23 treatment days or more for maximum results.

  • Additional charges will apply for: pizichili, shirodhara, local oil dhara, matra bastis outside the standard basti cycle, and additional special treatments that may be recommended by the vaidya.

  • Shorter PKs may require a more intensive treatment plan (focus PK charges will apply).

FOCUS RAJU PK ~ For those who need a significantly stronger treatment program to target important areas of concern:

  • Recommended 28 ~ 41 days PK for maximum results.

SPIRITUAL RAJU PK ~ A powerful new PK program to culture more rapid development of consciousness and health through purification & refinement of mind, body & senses:

  • Recommended 28 ~ 41 days PK for maximum results.

SEE LINK for Accommodation Levels & Photos: Our Facilities


  • Firm PK dates (23 days recommended minimum whenever possible)

  • Paid PK deposit (based on your length of stay and PK Package).

  • Airline flight confirmation (paid itinerary) or arrival date & mode of ground transportation.

  • Family / friend contact information.

  • Proof of health or travel insurance while you are in India.*

  • If you have significant health needs or a physical disability, please consult with Dr. Krishna before scheduling your PK (best to have his recommendations in mind while you plan). Schedule an online appointment here.

*We ask for this as a precaution in the unlikely event unexpected medical needs arise (hospitals in India will not treat without full payment).

PK DEPOSIT & PAYMENT ~ instructions will be sent by email when your reservation dates are confirmed.

Our prices are given in Indian rupees. For the approximate exchange rate the exchange calculator is very helpful.

Important Points to Follow Before your Trip

SEE LINKS for ~ Cultural Considerations, Packing Suggestions & Travel Tips at the bottom of this page

to make sure you are informed and prepared for your trip.


All Raju PK Guests need access to Whatsapp on a personal device for essential daily communications during PK.

The Vaidya’s Panchakarma assistant coordinates daily pulse checks & Panchakarma treatment timings and posts schedules on Whatsapp every day. She will connect with you on your first day in Hyderabad and guide you for seeing the Vaidya, getting some food after your consultation and scheduling your first treatments (usually later in the afternoon on your 1st day in Hyderabad or on the 2nd day if you arrive late in the day or need more rest before beginning PK).


Don't miss the Banana Purification Treatment for Ladies (powerful cleanse done during menstruation)

  • Banana Purification Treatment (BT) is a special ladies treatment given during the menstrual cycle and is strongly recommended by the vaidyas. BT for ladies is free of charge ~ you pay only for the materials used (room & board charges will apply during BT). The treatment is most effective if you have two consecutive cycles of BT with PK in-between OR, have a week or more of PK prior to receiving BT followed by more PK and then some rest days. If you only have time for the BT itself, you will still experience significant benefits. SEE LINK for details: Banana Purification Treatment

  • It is important to note before booking your trip that if you plan to have PK before the Banana Treatment, the effects of the PK may change your cycle timing because of the purification and adjustments going on in the physiology. Please be sure to make allowances for this in your travel plans and book a flexible air ticket if possible (or extra rest days) so that if your cycle doesn't come when expected, you will still be able to receive this very special treatment.

Follow-up After PK With Take Home Herbs ~

  • Post PK treatment herbs are strongly recommended by the vaidyas (6 - 12 months is best / minimum 3) to integrate and enhance the benefits of your panchakarma. Ideally you should take home a supply that will last until your next PK. Many of these herbs are low in price and some of them are very costly, so the total depends on the herbs that are prescribed and the amount taken. To give some idea, the usual price range is from approx. 2,500 to 12,000 rupees per month for all the recommended herbs.

  • The vaidya will recommend your take-home herbs towards the end of your treatment and a costs list will be provided for your consideration. Please feel free to ask for any further information you need (specific benefits, priorities, etc.) to make an informed decision. You will also be provided with a customs declaration letter for use in your transit home. MAKE SURE to write down the daily dosage for each herb that Dr. Krishna prescribes for you, as dosages can very from person to person.

Plan Ahead for Passport, India Visa & Air Travel



They may or may not be required for travel from certain countries.

International travelers may have to complete an Online Declaration Form and carry a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report (taken within 72hrs prior to starting your journey) or proof of full primary COVID-19 vaccination – check HERE for list of countries where primary vaccinations are approved on Air Suvidha portal.

And see Recommendations for Immunity & Protection from the Vaidyas for guidance from Ayurveda

You Must Have a Current Passport and Visa to enter India ~

If you already have these documents, be sure to double check your passport and visa expiration dates before planning your PK. Expiration dates should be well beyond your desired treatment dates (6 months minimum).

If new documents are needed, please apply for them well in advance of your trip (note that you must have a valid passport BEFORE you can apply for the visa).

CURRENT VISA INFORMATION is available from the Indian Embassy/Consulate in your area. Expedited processing is available for a fee and there are online services that can help you with your application if you need help or faster service.

Check into E-VISAS from the Indian Gov't website which are much faster if time is short ~ DO NOT get a "visa upon arrival" or a medical visa / tourist visa is fine for Ayurveda & you will be seeing & enjoying Hyderabad as a tourist.

Contact information for Visa Applications ~

You will be in the care of Dr. A. V. Raju (2nd reference if needed: Dr. Padma Nayani Raju). The PK Center address, and the address where you will be staying is:

Dr. Raju’s Institute of Ayurveda, Pvt. Ltd.

Bahar-A, 8/19 Sahara States

Mansoorabad, Hyderabad 500068

Telangana, India

Telephones: 91-040-2412-8898, 91-040-3095-4506


THE CUSTOMS FORM YOU WILL FILL OUT UPON ARRIVAL IN HYDERABAD WILL ASK FOR A LOCAL ADDRESS IN INDIA ~ Please be sure you have the above address and contact information with you for this purpose, and at all times while on your trip.

Avoiding Visa Problems ~

  • Allow plenty of time when applying for a passport or India Visa. If you are mailing in your application, be sure to allow plenty of time for processing.

  • Be aware that if you are applying for an India Visa from a country other than where you hold citizenship, the process will take longer and be more costly.

  • Have someone double check your completed visa application. If there is any missing information, or it is not signed, etc, your approval will be delayed. If you are in a foreign country, this will be a lengthy delay.

  • A medical visa is not required for visits to our PK Center. It is best to apply for a tourist visa, as we do not practice allopathic medicine at the PK Center and panchakarma is technically not considered a "medical" treatment. If you list medical treatments in your application, then you may have to provide a doctor's certificate that you are fit to travel, not HIV positive, etc., which may get very complicated, expensive and time consuming.

  • Experience has shown that if you list your profession as a writer or are in a profession associated with mass media, you will receive more scrutiny and may find it takes much longer to get a visa (there is a form you must complete stating you are visiting as a tourist and will not be writing).

  • It is good to apply for the maximum visa length you are allowed. India grants up to a 10-year tourist visa for US Citizens, for example. The longer visas are more costly but are well worth the cost by avoiding the trouble of reapplying for your next PK.

  • Before you begin your trip, photocopy the the signature page of your passport, the India Visa, and your birth certificate. and keep them separate from the original documents. Having copies on hand like this can expedite replacing a lost passport while in India.

  • It is important to note that India Visa requirements and restrictions change from time to time, so please be alert and informed about all current requirements when you travel.

When Choosing an Airline ~

It is important to know and compare baggage allowances and fees, as well as options and cost for changing your return date, if needed. It sometimes happens that Dr. Krishna will strongly recommend extending a PK because of the momentum in hand and benefits that can be gained. If this is important for your health and possible for you time-wise, you want to be sure your ticket will allow it, and without excessive fees. There are airlines who will gladly change the return for health reasons with a doctor's recommendation, and Dr. Krishna can write such a letter for you. So please make sure you are well informed before buying your ticket.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) ~

See links for details about the Hyderabad International Airport:; and

Airport Pickup Confirmation and Instructions ~

You will receive airport pickup instructions via email when your PK booking is confirmed, including contact phone numbers if you need them for Harish & the driver. Please bring rupees for paying the driver or a debit card you can use at the airport ATM (approx 2500 rupees for one person + tip if you choose to give one).

Other Useful Links for Planning your Trip ~

SEE link below for an overview of Hyderabad annual weather by the month with the current local forecast ~

The following web page has a lot of good information about traveling to India (including a link for e-visas through the Indian Government) and will be especially useful for first time visitors: