Suksma Marma Therapy

Subtle-body Therapy To Enliven Key Junction Points Between Consciousness & Physiology

The Raju family has revived this long-forgotten healing technology in its full power and purity ~ "We experience the world through the marmas." Dr. J.R. Raju

Suksma means soft, gentle, delicate. So Suksma Marma Therapy is subtle and refined, though very specific. It is therapy on the level of the "consciousness" of the marmas, removing blockages at the deepest level where consciousness BECOMES physiology. Dr. Raju explains that the marmas are "vital points"—important junctions in the body where stress tends to collect (like the intersecting points of many converging roads, where accidents are more likely to occur). Opening the marmas automatically clears them, because it allows the healing energy from deep inside to flow more freely, removing the obstructions and restoring balance. "Marma brings that which is hidden inside [the stress], out to the surface where it is easier to get rid of." Dr. J.R. Raju

Other, commonly known forms of Marma Therapy are more on the physical level, similar to acupressure. Suksma Marma can be so subtle, one doesn't even have to touch to heal. A skilled practitioner can balance the marmas and the whole physiology entirely through attention. "All the marmas are being used all the time in the body...only we have to enliven it and bring harmony to the body. Marmas are the source of the life, the basis of everything." Dr. J.R. Raju.

The marma points in the body have a hierarchical structure. The seven Maha (great) Marmas emerge from the three "vital organs," head, heart, and basti (bladder/seat). They correspond to vata, pitta, and kapha (the three doshas, building blocks of the physiology). The Charaka Samhita says these three Maha Marmas are like seeds—three seeds which manifest into many, many marmas, like three generals giving information to all the army (107 main marmas). For every marma, there is a quality of natural law responsible for its particular functions.

The network of marma points are connected by nadis, subtle sound channels. There are 72,000 nadis (meridians) in the body. The marmas are intimately connected to the nadis and together they govern all bodily functions. Each marma has a different skin resistance which can be measured. Very subtle influences affect the marmas—immediately they respond and change (e.g. listening to Gandharva Veda music changes the marmas and helps to balance them.)

How the marmas protect us, and why Marma Therapy is so important:

"When you are doing good and bad karmas [actions] for so many years, some stresses are very very difficult to remove. They are attached, hidden in the marmas. Marmas are the sources, the connections [in the body], protecting and saving us from so many aspects. If the marmas are not there [not open], our lifespan cannot be very long. The protection for the lifespan is through the marmas. so whatever the good and bad is, it is hidden in the marmas—they don’t let them go out of this door, out of this entrance. Like for example, a house: first it will be protected from the main gate and after that the main door, then the rooms. In the same way in our physiology there are so many levels of the protection like that. This is also one of the karma protectors [the marma points]. Because of that the marma treatments are very very important. Everybody should learn the self-marma actually and some special things...special touch points...very effective, very simple, very easy."

Different vibrations for different purposes: "What is the difference between vibration of marmas and vedic vibration therapy? The purpose is different. If you are making this sound and this sound, different many different vibrations for the different purposes. These marmas are the hidden vibrations, which are hidden in the physiology. Your body is producing the vibrations, and every time you clear the marmas it is stronger, more powerful."

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Personal Experiences

"I feel completely different since the marma treatment...more integrated....more happy....greater sense of well-being. How did you do it??"

"We have been feeling healthier and happier and stronger since last weekend's treatments. Thank you and the Rajus SO MUCH!!"

"Thank you so much for coming Sunday night for the treatment. It was a great experience that has left me feeling stronger and more relaxed."

"The treatment left me with a sweet regenerating smoothness."

"Thank you for the marma treatment last night. I feel clearer and 50% less stressed. It was a remarkable experience of tenderness, depth, precision...really a privilege to receive such a treatment. I feel much better after the treatment. I was feeling a little lost in space, as if I was hanging out in space with no tether...feel better now."

"The marma treatment was so powerful. After maybe a half an hour of rest, huge purification began! It lasted for quite a while. Some very deep things were coming out...things that have been strongly moving in meditation for weeks. Then I fell asleep. I really look forward to the treatment tonight and hope many channels clear for the body to be healthy and strong again."

"Very powerful treatment...left me very tired, but with a big settling in the head and heart. I still feel the impact of the treatment...such a tender touch and so much love and care."