“Panchakarma (PK) is the combination of two words ~ PANCHA meaning five and KARMA meaning action. They are the five procedures to eliminate the toxins which have accumulated in our body since many years."

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Purification From the Nearest Way

"In panchakarma, through all these passages the toxins come out ~ from all the different places they are eliminated. Otherwise the toxins will be stuck, which are in the cells. Some they come through the skin, or through the blood vessels, urine, stools. There are so many procedures in panchakarma. So many diseases they get cured with this, and there is marma also." ~ Vaidya J. R. Raju

Panchakarma is Considered the "Soul" of Ayurveda

~ Because it so powerfully cleanses the body and revitalizes the inner balance that is essential for good health.

"The whole of panchakarma is scientifically designed to reawaken the layers of memory of wholeness and health that are stored deep within and to clear out the memory of disease and aging. Excess of vata [movement and change] makes one old and brings aging. That's why it is so important to clear out vata through PK. If you have some disease or disorder, you have to make the 'memory' the way it was before the illness—not just remember or taste it just once, but really know it and feel it—then you can reverse the disease or even get rid of it that very moment."

Vaidya J.R. Raju

In Ancient India Panchakarma was Widely Practiced in Society

Entire communities would perform group PK, sharing their collective skills. It was for this reason that they enjoyed such high levels of health. In today's world, much of this ancient wisdom has been lost to common knowledge and the environment we live in—the air we breath, food and water we consume—is much less pure.

Raju Rejuvenation Panchakarma

Benefits On All Levels

  • Loosens and removes impurities throughout the system.

  • Relaxes, lubricates, and nourishes the tissues.

  • Calms the mind and promotes mind-body integration.

  • Enlivens SMRITI ~ the inner memory of wholeness and health in mind and body.

  • Rejuvenates the physiology and reverses disease & aging.

  • Helps to protect & prevent the development of disease.

All PK Packages Include

  • Regular pulse checks & treatment supervision by the Vaidyas.

  • Private room, bi-weekly linen exchange, PK meal service with special treatment diets (charges may apply for significant personal dietary needs & must be be approved in advance).

  • Special treatments may be recommended that are not part of the PK packages ~ you will be informed in advance of their purpose & cost.

Pulse Diagnosis & Personalized Treatment

A distinctive feature of the Raju Panchakarma Center is the intimate connection each guest has with Dr. Raju through the regular pulse checks (Nadi Vigyan).

Through the "window" of the pulse your treatment plan will be fine-tuned at every step to fit the changing needs of your physiology each day.

All treatments, herbs and oils used at the PK Center are prepared especially for your doshas (physical factors) and situation, and are adjusted by the vaidya according to the the pulse to deliver maximum results.

Be relaxed and "innocent" during your pulse checks ~ knowing you are in the best of hands!

"My friend reports that panchakarma here is very effective and strong and after the days of treatments you perceive your health in a very different way. It is the same for me. Every day you regain a piece of your health and this means more open awareness, more open mind and intellect; the senses became more bright and you start to remember what you really are. Thank you very much to this great family who from so many generations are preserving the purity of this deep knowledge."

Raju PK Guest ~ Italy

Proven Formulas for Success with Three Treatment Programs & 108 Therapies

STANDARD Raju Rejuvenation Panchakarma

FOCUS Raju Rejuvenation Panchakarma

SPIRITUAL Raju Rejuvenation Panchakarma

STANDARD RAJU PK ~ Offers a thorough cleanse for the whole physiology & strong foundation for health. For those with moderate health needs & to economize on the cost of PK.

  • Recommended 23 treatment days or more for maximum results.

  • Shorter PKs may require a more intensive, Focus PK plan.

FOCUS RAJU PK ~ For those who need a significantly stronger treatment program to target important areas of concern:

  • Recommended 28 ~ 41 days PK for maximum results.

SPIRITUAL RAJU PK ~ A powerful new PK program to culture more rapid development of consciousness and health through purification & refinement of mind, body & senses:

  • Recommended 28 ~ 41 days PK for maximum results.

SEE LINK for PK Scheduling

Important Factors for Maximum Results

"You have to feel the positive things. If there is no sattwa (positivity) then it is very difficult ~ Have to trust the vaidya completely." Vaidya J.R. Raju

The Ayurvedic texts say that the results of panchakarma will primarily depend on four important factors: the ability of the vaidya, availability and strength of the herbs required, the skills of the staff, and the cooperation of the patient—All are under the control of the vaidya.

"It is easier to deliver medicine to the body through the skin than through the mouth."

Vaidya Krishna Raju