Ayurveda ~ The Science of Life 

Wholistic Healthcare from Authentic Ayurveda

The classical Ayurvedic text Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthan, chapter one verse two, describes the purpose of life as four-fold:

DHARMA – following the path of righteousness. ARTHA – earning money in a legal way. KAMA – fulfilling our desire. MOKSHA – achieving Salvation. To achieve this purpose of life one should concentrate on having a long life. To learn the Science of Ayurveda which explains how to achieve this purpose obedience, Vidheya, is the most important quality.

आय:कामायमानेन धमाथ सखसाधनम् । आयवदोपदेशेषवधेय: परमादर: ॥

"The qualities of the Vaidya, and similarly the qualities of the herbs, staff & patient ~ all are under the control of the Vaidya. Patient is completely trusting and not, for example: 'I am recommended this herb in early morning, but so bitter ~ don't want to take it.' The patient must be completely under the control of the Vaidya. Until then the treatment cannot be complete if the patient is not surrendered to the Vaidya and remembering everything to do and also the sattva (positivity) ~ fully believing 'I can be better.' 

"The modern medicine trains us that things cannot be cured and with the time-frame "it will take a long time" all these things are chasing you. It is not like in Ayurveda when you are already better from the first moment with the Vaidya. Already when I feel your pulse you feel light ~ tiredness is less in the eyes. That is the thing: sattva. If there is no sattva  then it is very difficult. You have to feel the positive things ~ have to trust the Vaidya COMPLETELY." Vaidya J.R. Raju

Ayu is the Life and Veda is the Knowledge

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term derived from the roots Ayus, life, and Veda, knowledge. It is the Vedic science of life, encompassing consciousness/mind, body & environment

The knowledge of Ayurveda is recorded in the Vedic texts, the oldest written works of mankind. Enlightened sages established Ayurveda with the goal of preventing illness, healing the sick, and preserving life. It systematically provides the knowledge of how to live in harmony with nature and ultimately gain perfect health. According to Ayurveda, the entire range of experience in life is determined by the degree of balance or imbalance in the mind and body. Restoring this balance, which is naturally present within everyone, through removal of impurities and realignment with Natural Law, is the key to the healing process ~ no matter what type or degree of problem exists. 

Balancing Mind-Body Health Naturally

Restoring Health Consciusness

In the Environment and in Our Bodies

"For Every Transformation ~ Without the Agni it is Not Possible"

The Five Cleansing Actions of Ayurveda

Resetting the Physical Frequencies to Restore Health

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