Five Elements & Three Doshas

The Five Elements Combine to Form the Three Doshas ~ (physical factors in Ayurveda)

Vata is composed of Akasha (space) and Vayu (air). Pitta is composed of Jala (water) and Tejas (fire). Kapha is composed of Prithivi (earth) and Jala (water).

Space & Air→ Vata

Fire & Water→ Pitta

Water & Earth→ Kapha

Together they Create All the Cycles, Stages & Patterns in Nature

From the movement of the galaxies to the orbits of the planets & the spin of electrons, the revolving cycles of the doshas are everywhere. The seasons come and go in cycles, days and nights flow in cycles....tides....cells....heart-beats....the stages of our lives ~ ALL are governed by repeating, sequential cycles of the doshas. The cycles of spring and youth, for example, are dominated by Kapha Dosha; Summer and adulthood by Pitta Dosha; Winter and old age by Vata Dosha.

Vata is like the wind. It gives rise to all movement in the universe:

  • Inside us, it is connected to the nervous system and anywhere there is bodily motion—even the movement of our thoughts. Our sense of touch and hearing are predominately vata functions. The main qualities of vata are moving, light, subtle, changing, quick, and dry.

Pitta is like the sun. It governs all the energy & transformation in the universe:

  • In our bodies it is connected to metabolism and digestion. Sharp thinking is also a pitta function. Pitta is especially important for healthy blood and skin and is connected to our sense of sight. The main qualities of pitta are hot, sharp, bright, energetic, slightly oily, and moist.

Kapha is like a mountain. It gives stability and structure to everything in the universe.

  • In our physiology it is connected to the structure, strength, fat content, and moistness of the body, and is related to our sense of taste and smell. The main qualities of kapha are steady, stable, slow, unctuous, sweet, and wet.

Vata ~ Movement & Change

Pitta ~ Energy & Transformation

Kapha ~ Stability & Structure

Dosha Means "That which Vitiates" or Brings Out of Balance

But in their equilibrium state, the three doshas support each other. Together they provide the physical structures for everything in the universe.

It is the balanced interaction of the three doshas which gives rise to the "dhatus" tissues of the body. The "malas" are the wastes, that which is not wanted. Every living system has these fundamental aspects. Vedic Science goes on to explain that the whole universe arises from a field of unity deep within.

Consciousness is Primary to Matter

For a complete picture of how Ayurveda heals us it is important to understand that consciousness is primary to matter.

The Unified Field underlies everything in creation. It is like the seed which is completely hidden (unexpressed), yet gives rise to the whole tree. The same principle holds true for our bodies: MIND IS PRIMARY (comes first) and the body is an expression of that, just like the tree expresses all the qualities hidden in the seed.

So the ultimate cause of health or illness lies not in the body but in our awareness (mind and feelings both) in the deepest sense. The stronger our connection is to the field of pure consciousness, where the power to create anything exists, the healthier we are. This is why Ayurveda is a consciousness-based health care system and why the Raju vaidyas put so much attention on enlivening and restoring the inner "Smriti"—the memory of wholeness and health deep inside.

The myriad cycles of the doshas generate waves of opposite qualities to keep life in balance

From the movement of the galaxies to the orbits of planets and the spin of electrons, the revolving patterns of the doshas are EVERYWHERE