Wildcrafted Herbs from Ancient Pristine Forests

"These preparations will only take care of what is damaging the body and do not attend or interfere with things which are not damaging the healthy body.

"The herbs are filled with the intelligence of perfect health. They are powerful because they are not introduced or connected to disease in any way.

"Negative things will only produce negative things—these herbs have to be grown naturally in nature to keep them this way. If they are grown by human beings, the holistic influence of the nature is not fully there. So they are grown and gathered in the wild—completely away from man’s influence."

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Purity and Effectiveness go Hand in Hand

Our herbal preparations are made with the utmost attention to purity by the Raju family vaidyas, or under their direct supervision. Each formula is time-tested, and strictly adheres to ancient healing principles from the vedic texts. After processing, each batch is lab-tested to ensure purity and safety.

The refinement and power of these unique healing formulas is unparalleled in the world today. The science behind them works at the deepest levels of mind-body functioning, beyond what any instrumentation can measure. To fully appreciate them we must experience them directly, and enjoy the gifts of renewal and health that they bring.

How Herbs Heal the Physiology

Dr. Raju says that the herbs heal by vibrating at the proper frequencies needed to rejuvenate the damaged (unhealthy) areas of the body. To explain these mechanics, he uses the example of a tuning fork struck against an object to make it vibrate. If another tuning fork that isn’t vibrating is moved near the vibrating one, the silent tuning fork begins to vibrate at the same frequency. Similarly, the elemental vibrations of the herbal particles is the means for enlivening the same frequencies in the physiology, to rejuvenate the targeted areas. The more refined these frequencies are the more power for healing the herbs have, and the more they enliven the memory of wholeness and health in every cell they come into contact with. This breaks the cycle or "memory" of disease in cell reproduction, converting unhealthy "confused" cells into properly functioning, healthy ones.

Ancient Technologies for Increased Potency

There are many procedures from Vedic Science to bring these holistic, healing frequencies to the herbs ~ special influences from where they are grown ~ in very pure and powerful places; precise timing for harvesting and steps of preparation during special lunar and planetary phases; and uniquely potent combinations of ingredients. The herbs are also exposed to ancient vedic sounds during preparation to enliven different healing properties, as well as certain procedures in some cases to transform the structure of the cells and particles themselves during processing. All of these ancient techniques promote profound harmony with natural law, and increase the healing power of the herbs many fold.

Personal Experiences Show the Value

Natural Hepatitis Cure: "When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis, my blood work was so bad that the liver specialist saw me in two days--normally she has at least a six week waiting period! I called both Dr. Krishna and Dr. Raju for their advice. They agreed that Dr. Krishna should make a special preparation of fresh herbs for me and this would heal the liver. They both said that in India, liver problems are not considered dangerous because the Ayurvedic Vaidyas know how to cure them. The liver is one of the fastest regenerating organs in the body. With great compassion and love Dr. Krishna, in the midst of his busy schedule, drove 3-4 hours each way to pick specific herbs for me. He did this because he wanted the herbs to be picked properly. He then cured the herbs in the traditional ayurvedic manner and recited special vedic sounds over the preparation. He asked someone coming home from the health center to bring the fresh herbs to me. Before they left, he gave very specific instructions on how the herbs were to be taken care of during travel and made sure the person followed his instructions fully. Dr. Krishna prepared six batches of fresh herbs for me! Each batch lasted a month. After the 6th batch, my liver was healed. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Raju and Dr. Krishna for their skill, knowledge, love, service, and compassion. They are brilliant vaidyas and everyone who is fortunate enough to be treated by them is blessed."

"I used to have terrible seasonal allergies, mainly in the fall Ragweed season. I tried allergy shots, but those really backfired and were not good for my health at all. Then I started taking swashkasantak and everything changed. As long as I take it a few weeks before the season begins, and continue throughout, I have minimal to no symptoms at all. If I forget to take the swash soon enough, I've got to hurry and double up my doses when the season begins, but then it all smooths out and I'm so comfortable. What a pleasure it is to enjoy the end of summer without feeling like the 'enemy is out there.' Nasika, netramit eye drops, and prana drops steam also helped a lot when I still had symptoms, but swashkasantak is the key because it stops the irritation from even beginning!"

Gathered in the Wild ~ Tested by the Batch