PK Guidelines & Support

Welcome to Hyderabad and Our Panchakarma Intensive Program 

For maximum results from your PK, please review the following points before you travel to Hyderabad. More information will be provided to you when your PK program begins.

Raju Intensive Panchakarma

“The panchakarma which we give here is an intensive treatment. It is like doing a whitewash to the whole wall (whole physiology). When painting after the whitewash, whatever color you put it will reflect more bright [same for the physiology with PK ~ both positive and negative influences will reflect more strongly]. So after the PK you need to rest well. And during PK also you have to be very careful about what you are exposed to ~ going to some restaurants, eating over there, etc. You should not move here and there during PK, especially during the basti program you should not go outside our neighborhood. And after panchakarma, if you have good strength from rest it is always better for the results.”               

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Please review the following documents before you come to Hyderabad

Arrival & Panchakarma (PK) Routine

The following points will help your first days in Hyderabad flow smoothly. Our full Panchakarma Handbook gives more detailed information and instructions about the PK process. Please be sure to review the PK Handbook carefully during your stay in Hyderabad, as it contains important points for gaining maximum benefits from your PK including special instructions for certain treatments you will receive. 

When you Arrive in Hyderabad 

The driver will carry your bags to your pre-assigned room. If you arrive in the night please take good rest until morning, not minding if you sleep late. 

Initial Pulse Diagnosis with the Vaidya 

At the Raju PK Center, PK guests will see the vaidya briefly (5 min) every morning for daily pulse check (diagnosis of the physiology & PK needs through Nadi Vigyan).  Dr. Subhi will announce the schedule for pulse and PK treatments in the PK Whatsapp Chat. 


Daily Treatment Schedule 

Generally, new patients will see the vaidya in the morning of their first day, or later depending on arrival time, and will begin treatments the same day (or the next in some cases). Dr. Subhi will advise you of your treatment time. 

Meal Timings and Food & Drinking Water Safety 

Meals are served on the ground floor of building #7/5 (new building with the BLUE gate). Dining is self-service. Our food is prepared with great care in regard to nutrition & sanitation for your health and safety. 

You must be very careful about any 'outside' food that you eat and only do so with the Vaidya's approval for where and what you will be eating. The clinic food is prepared with great care in regard to sanitation for your health and safety. Outside food is also too heavy for your PK physiology and will reduce benefits if too much is taken.  

Important Information for Ladies In Menstruation

The Banana Purification Treatment (BT) is a unique and powerful treatment for women given during the menstrual cycle—all women of menstruation age should plan their PK timing to include BT (twice is best with PK inbetween). Be sure to see our full PK Handbook for important further instructions about this precious healing therapy, as well as the BT page on Banana Purification Treatment.

Welcome Ceremony & Vedic Recitations 

The clinic pandits will perform a welcome ceremony to give blessings through the Vedic Tradition for your panchakarma. This ceremony usually takes place at approximately 7pm on your first day here in the 8/28 puja room. Before the ceremony, please bathe and put on fresh clothing (no shorts or revealing attire), remove your shoes and wash your hands and feet in the faucet outside whenever you enter the puja room. Please ask the office staff for the current daily & weekly recitation schedule / Special monthly & seasonal Vedic performances will be announced. 

PLEASE NOTE ~ Ladies on their menstrual cycle may not participate in the welcome blessings or other Vedic performances, nor enter either puja room or ground floor office area until their cycle is over.  

Helpful Points for your Daily Comfort & Security 

Sahara States is a family neighborhood and a very secure and good area. The security in the area is excellent, so you can feel quite safe here. It is important, however, to keep your room locked and not carry a lot of money/valuables with you to the treatment rooms. Security safes for valuables are in every residence room (with combo lock you can reset yourself). Note that housekeeping personnel do not have keys to the rooms and will only clean, by your request, when you are in your room.

Please Stay in Touch After Your Panchakarma

Email ~

Raju PK Center Evaluation 

Thank you for for taking the time to give us your feedback in writing to help us improve our services to you. Please be as specific as you can ~ we want to hear whatever you feel is important for us to know. With Gratitude and Appreciation ~ The Raju Family. 

Important Instructions for Maximum Results After PK

The following guidelines provide a summary of points that will be useful for everyone—not only for after PK but for anyone wanting to improve their health through authentic Ayurveda.  

“The body is like a clean white cloth after PK, so you can paint anything.” Vaidya. Krishna Raju 

Take-home Rasayana (herbal) Therapy to maximize your PK results: The majority of the long-term benefits gained from PK develop during the three months after treatment. During this time, the impurities softened by the PK continue to flow out of the body and concurrently the body rejuvenates itself. The PK itself has more to do with removing the blockages and the time after PK with rejuvenation.

Dietary Recommendations After PK:

The list below is a summary of dietary recommendations from the Raju vaidyas that are important for everyone long term, but particularly so right after panchakarma: 

PK clears out the stress and toxins so much that after PK the body is free to take care of many things it was simply unable to before. This restructuring is significantly higher when the body does not have to deal with digestive strain. 

Even without PK, much can be accomplished for your health by improving digestion. "Diseases mostly come from the food. If we are eating the healthy, proper food it is increasing and reminding of the health. If you are eating opposite to what you need, you are increasing the disease. Balanced doshas are the health. Very healthy food, even, can increase [imbalance] the doshas and bring diseases if overeating." Dr. J.R. Raju  SEE LINKS: 

Eat fresh-cooked food and avoid food that is old or reheated (pre-cooked then packaged, or cooked on previous days). When food is old or reheated, it's natural structure breaks down and becomes more disorderly, bringing ama (heaviness) to the food that puts a big load on the body's agni (digestive fire). This makes it much harder for the body to properly digest the food and assimilate its nutrients.

Rasayanas for Everyone:

It is recommended for your take-home herbs to include the following rasayanas that are highly beneficial for everyone: They are a baseline program for keeping the results of PK working best for your body long term. In your take-home herb consultation with Dr. Krishna, he will focus on the main priorities for your health. If you are inspired to gain more rasayana support from the list below, please discuss additional items for his advice—it is always up to you how much you want to include in your health regimen. Be sure to consult with the vaidya before using any of these preparations on pregnant women or children, as dosages may be different and age restrictions may apply.  Note that the dosages below are standard dosages for adults. If the vaidya has recommended a different dose for you, please follow that instruction.

Other natural preparations to have on hand at home if the need arises:

Some reminders about rasayana therapy: