Follow-up Points After Seeing the Vaidya

This page gives important further information for gaining maximum results after your meeting with the Vaidya. If you have any questions, please email us at 🌿🌿🌿

Results through Ayurveda depend on many factors including consistency, follow-through and trust ~ fully believeing that you can heal. Stopping medications and other treatments prescribed by a medical doctor is not required or recommended by the Vaidyas ~ your home doctor will know when these things are no longer needed.

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SMRITI RASAYANA to Restore the Cellular Memory

DOSAGE: Standard dose is one teaspoon per day in the early morning between 3:30 - 5:30am on an empty stomach (take smriti when you wake up if you miss the early morning time).

  • Second and third doses if prescribed can be taken in the late afternoon & before bed.

  • Additional prescribed doses can be added at intervals up to 6x per day.

Smriti repairs the cellular memory so it can bring up the wholeness & bridge the connection requirements in the body so everything can become healthy. Please follow mixing instructions further below (with raw, unheated honey).

"Smriti works in all the areas because it works on the cellular level and makes the cell to restore its own memory & brings the cellular DNA back to its proper sequence. Yes, the DNA will repair itself; it depends on the person's age, digestive strength, and all these things. With better digestion, the better the smriti works. Smriti is especially powerful during the 3:30 to 5:30 early morning Brahmi Muhurta time. At this time it is mainly good for the mind. Immediately it goes into the deeper and deeper levels and then spreads to all over the body." Vaidya Krishna Raju

MIXING PROPORTIONS : You will receive your smriti partially pre-mixed with equal amounts of smriti powder and concentrated brahmi ghee. The total weight on the label is the combined weight for both.

  • Add an equal amount by weight of raw honey & mix thoroughly before use (important to do this in a bowl rather than in the jar itself).

KEEP YOUR SMRITI AWAY FROM HEAT: Never take smriti with hot liquids or hot foods as honey becomes toxic when heated.

  • If you take hot water first when you wake up you can take smriti after 2 minutes. If smriti is taken first before something hot, you must wait 10 minutes.

  • It is important to keep smriti away from heat because of the honey component & best to store long-term in a glass container.

  • Smriti is best taken at room temperature (not cold). If you have a large amount of smriti, keep a smaller supply out for daily use & refrigerate the main batch for maximum shelf-life.

Taking smriti long-term is highly recommended ~ significant life-long benefits


SHODHANA VATI to Eliminate the Toxins

DOSAGE: 3-5 tabs just before dinner according to your elimination ~ to eliminate the toxins accumulating day by day that we knowingly or unknowingly take. Because Shodhana is also a Rasayana it strengthens and gives Ojas to the whole nervous system.

Sucking on shodhana will do the same thing for eyesight especially (1 tab 2x per day & let dissolve in the mouth). From the mouth itself immediately the receptors will work to rejuvenate & restore.

Sucking on Shodhana also helps a LOT for coughs!!

Shodhana Sitzbath ~ 8-10 shod / boil water according to your size so you have enough to sit in & cover that area. No need to boil too much (just enough to dissolve the tablets), then let cool to warm & sit for 15-20 min while the water is still warm & it feels good. Good for any irritation, inflammation, fungal/yeast infection or germicidal activity, or hemorrhoids. Please consult with your physician if any problem persists.

NASIKA & SPECIAL NASIKA for Brain, Spine & Sensory Organs

DOSAGE: Wipe one drop in each nostril with a finger & sniff while opening & closing the nostrils gently. Repeat dose several times per day (not before or after showering or after a meal or before bed). Good to follow with pranayama ~ Rejuvenates the sensory organs & brain, strengthens the whole system and protects from infections. Nasika also protects from allergies & strengthens the eyes, nose, throat, thyroid and all. Good for the prostate in men and activates the brain and cerebral spinal fluid. Nasika works on the deep pathways in the body & clears them. Both Nasika formulas act in basically the same way but Special Nasika is stronger (clears more so you will feel the clearing more).

BEST EUROPEAN NASIKA SUBSTITUTE (Raju formula is best but alternatives from MAPI are good if need be) ~

Nasyamap (Anu Taila) Or try MAPI UK ~


Inhale through both nostrils then cover your right nostril with your thumb and exhale & inhale through the left nostril (once). Then cover your left nostril with a finger and exhale & inhale through the right nostril (once). Then go back to covering your right nostril with your thumb & repeat the sequence on both sides. Continue alternating sides like this — out and in on one side then out and in on the other side, etc. The exhale should be longer than inhale. Do this in an easy, non-forced way (little deeper than normal but not forcefully so). Close your eyes and do for 2 or 3 or five minutes after putting the Nasika in your nose ~ it changes the brain and improves oxygenation in the lungs & blood and will calm you a lot.

GANDUSHA THAILAM ~ Oil Pulling to Clear Toxins & Protect Oral Health

Daily herbalized oil gargle to draw out toxins through the oral channels, rejuvenate the tissues, protect oral health, and remove excess acidity from the stomach, glands in the neck, and more. "You don't know how many openings there are in the teeth!" Dr. J.R. Raju

  • Dosage: 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per dose after brushing teeth. Hold in the mouth and swish/gargle periodically for 10-20 minutes until your mouth is full of fluids (toxins & saliva) / 20 minutes is BEST. Gandusha clears toxins through all the ducts and channels in the mouth (spit out and rinse well with warm water afterwards).

  • FOR STRONGER NEED ~ Use Gandusha Concentrate with option to add 1-2 drops Prana Oil each time.


KARNA POORNA EAR OIL ~ restores & regenerates the tissues.

  • DOSAGE: 2-3 drops in each ear daily before bed. The oil will soften the wax & that has to clear. Promote new cell growth over time so healthy cells will grow & old ones will slough off]. No need to wipe the oil out with this / leave it there, can wipe the outer ear if need be.

  • ALTERNATIVELY If Prescribed by the Vaidya: Apply 5-10 drops in each ear daily, weekly, or bi-monthly, as prescribed. After dropping in one side, wait 3 min so the oil penetrates more deeply then roll over and wipe out with a tissue and repeat for the other side. NEVER stick a q-tip (or anything) inside your inner ear ~ lubrication is good for your ears so some oil remaining is fine.

  • Second oil option for ears is Special Nasika (same use as above).

NETRA TARPANA GHEE & NETRA AMRIT DROPS, FOR EYES ~ "Netra ghee, through the alochaka pitta, enlivens all the pittas, all the vatas, and because of this it melts the kapha (the ama / blockages). This is from putting one drop of netra ghee in the eyes every morning and evening ~ use netramit drops for cleaning and purification." Dr. J.R. Raju

  • TO USE NETRA GHEE, you can gently warm and melt the ghee in a pan of warm tap water and apply with a dropper, or wipe a little of the melted ghee in the corner of each eye with clean fingers. If you find that your vision stays blurry too long after using the netra ghee, which can happen temporarily due to the ghee component, try using it only at bedtime instead. Note that netra ghee may also cause some stinging and tearing as it draws out toxins & nourishes the eye tissues. The ghee opens channels in the eyes to accomplish this so you may be a little light sensitive after use.

  • FOR NETRA AMRIT (black eye drops) ~ One drop in each eye at bedtime. Clears all the ducts in the eyes, flushes toxins, removes inflammation, irritants, allergens, and promotes eye health. Note that these drops are strong (not for kids unless the Vaidya recommends) though not harmful in any way. They have a heating effect which increases blood flow to the eyes and causes the eyes to tear & clean deeply (flushes the sinuses and nose too).

  • Initially, you can apply just a tiny bit by putting one drop on a (clean) finger & then dividing that between two fingers, then wiping it in the inside corner of each eye (note that if your hands and eyes are slightly moist the strength of the drops will be diluted a bit and so even less strong). Once you get used to the drops, you will want a full drop (and full effect) in each eye. The more stinging you feel means there are a lot of toxins trying to come out and that you really need the drops! The stinging will reduce significantly with regular use, and you will come to love the "cooling" effect this clearing treatment has for your eyes. If the netra amrit drops are too strong for your comfort, start with netra tarpana ghee drops to reduce the backlog of toxins more gradually.


  • If you use both netra ghee and netra amrit drops, they should be used separately (netra amrit at night before bed and netra ghee in the morning before meditation. Do not wash face or shower too soon after netra drops, so before meditation is best.

PRANA OIL ~ To Open the Physical Channels & Protect

Prana inhalation drops used for Nasya in PK can be used at home whenever there is sinus or lung congestion, or taken in small doses internally for digestive blockages (Ama), acidity, and reduce infection tendency. "Sip hot water with Prana oil, one drop at a time and several times you have to do and the channels will be cleared and Ama can be taken away." Vaidya Krishna Raju

  • DO QUICK PRANA STEAM INHALATION in a mug of hot water by placing hands around the top of the cup to direct the vapors towards your mouth and nose / then drink the water.

  • FOR STRONGER STEAM INHALATION: use 1-2 Prana drops at a time in very hot water, adding more drops as needed and inhaling the vapors for several minutes. You can put a light cloth over your head to form a little tent, if desired. Be sure the pot is set low, stable, and safe so it will not spill & cause injury.

  • Always follow Prana Steam by wiping nasika in the nostrils and sniffing to prevent dryness in the sinus tissues.

  • PRANA OIL FOR INTERNAL USE: Take one drop Prana oil in a little hot water (or 2 if you are experienced and want it very strong) ~ has to be quite hot to penetrate best. Repeat 2-3 or more times per day for congestion, digestive acidity, depressed Agni (can really help with migraines if started early), to prevent infection tendency ~ even helps clear the emotional channels.

KUMKUMADI POWDER ~ To Herbalize Ahyanga Oil

CURE YOUR ABHYANGA OIL WITH KUMKUMADI (KKeram) herbal powder in pure, unrefined natural oils. Sesame oil is the best for pacifying (reducing) vata & dryness, which is the main purpose of Abhyanga. But during warm seasons or if you feel sesame is too heating for you, coconut oil is best. In general, the vaidyas recommend coconut in warm seasons and sesame in cold seasons. The Raju vaidyas do not recommend olive oil for Abhyanga because it oxidizes (becomes toxic) when exposed to heat or even sunlight.


Use 5 grams kumkumadi/KKeram powder per liter of oil (up to 10g if stronger effect is needed). Combine oil and KKeram in a glass jar with a good lid (liquefy coconut oil first if needed by sitting the jar in a pan of warm tap water—do not liquefy on the stove as it must be warmed gently).

In warm seasons, place kum/oil jar in direct sunlight on a wooden surface for 7 consecutive days ~ outside is best to receive the full spectrum of the sun's rays. Bring the jar in at night and expose it to moonlight through a window. Note that the sunlight must be warm enough to keep coconut oil liquid to be effective (same temp needed for sesame oil).

During cold seasons if sunlight is not warm enough, cure the oil in a warm spot inside the house (next to a radiator or heater-vent if it's warm enough to keep coconut oil liquid). If need be, you can place the oil jar in a crock pot filled with warm water set to the ‘keep warm’ lowest heat position.

Note that the herb mixture will not fully dissolve during curing and a residue will settle on the bottom of the jar, but its effects spread to all the oil.


🌿 With Vaidyas Krishna & Padma Raju🌿

Chapter One: Desire for Long life / Followed by Dinacharya ~ The Ayurveda Daily Routine & More!

The Ayurveda

Seasonal Routine

For Balance, Health and

Long Life

Ritucharya is the Seasonal Counterpart to Dinacharya (daily routine)

It is the regimen or discipline to keep us healthy when nature changes strongly around us.

"How we live is the most important thing we do for our health"

"This is the value of learning Ashtanga. The body is ever changing & always decaying. So for this we are giving food as fuel. The body is like an engine. And how an engine needs cleaning & maintenance even when it has the fuel, like greasing to run smoothly so wear and tear can be reduced ~ similarly, our body will run smoothly if we follow all the proper rules and regulations of Ayurveda. With this Vedic method of living, even some in the daily life, so many blockages (Ama) can be prevented, and so many bad influences & diseases can be controlled. There are so many self-referral healing techniques in Ayurveda. In this course you will begin to learn them." Vaidya Krishna Raju

🌿 Jai Guru Dev 🌿