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The following testimonials show the power of the ancient remedies of authentic Ayurveda and inspire us to trust the vaidyas and the healing path. Many of the people below came to the Raju PK Center for treatment, but many achieved their successes from afar, so good help is available wherever you are. 

Documentation of Results

We invite you to share your own story & tests (anonymously or by name) and benefit from the great good karma of inspiring others to heal. Even seemingly incurable situations have been reversed ~ again & again ~ under the expert care of the Raju Vaidyas.

Personal Experiences

Bharvi Shah RN, New Jersey USA ~ 2020

USA ~ My surgeon had never seen such a decrease in 20+ years of surgery:


In November 2020 my prostate pathology report showed a Gleason Score of 9 (5+4) Group 5.  As a very high risk I was scheduled for a radical prostatectomy in mid-February 2021. After taking Dr. Krishna Raju’s recommended herbs for approximately 6 weeks my prostate was removed and the pathology report showed a Gleason Score of 7 (3+4) Group 2.


My surgeon said he had never seen such a significant decrease (from Group 5 to 2) in Gleason Score in his 20+ years of surgery. Following surgery my physical therapist indicated it would take 3 months to gain bladder control. I gained full control in 30 days.  


As soon as COVID travel restrictions are lifted I will be heading to the Raju PK Center for the first of many annual treatments! I am eternally grateful, thankful and appreciative that Dr. Krishna Raju shared his deep and powerful knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine!

USA ~ Growing older with unexpected grace:

I am 65 years old and have been to the Raju Panchakarma Center in Hyderabad annually since 2010. Before that I took Raju herbal preparations daily for years with very positive results even before adding in the panchakarma.

Under the Raju's expert care, my menopausal problems were relieved easily, a longtime candida problem cleared up, and my long-standing post childbirth pelvic floor/bladder issues resolved quickly. Both my far and near vision have been restored and a mysterious vertigo problem was easily solved with herbs to improve my digestion. After menopause, my bone density problems were treated early & reversed, and a deep-seated musculoskeletal blockage in my neck is steadily improving & clearly on its way out for good. In fact my spine and joints are more flexible and at ease than they ever have been, which is saying a lot at age 65. I no longer have chronic insomnia, constipation, or seasonal allergies, and rarely get migraines as opposed to having them bi-monthly for years, and when they do come they are light and brief in comparison. 

Recently an amazing new benefit has crept into my life regarding eating-habits. It may sound simple to those who have not had this problem but for me, with life-long overeating difficulties, the fact that I simply feel satisfied at the end of the meal and don't want anything more when I am full is incredible. Decades of meditation have helped me a lot with this, but still my mind/desire was not completely in sync with my body, and some struggle to end the meal has always been there. I attribute this new development to the steady healing of my agni (digestive fire) which had been quite weak before I came to know the Rajus.

My digestion is so much stronger now the difference is like night and day for my health & immunity. I am far more in tune with my body's rhythms & needs, rarely get sick and never seriously. In all the ways that matter most for health & quality of life I am younger, healthier, and happier by far thanks to the Raju Family and their Ayurvedic heritage. And what I have learned about how to eat and live for health and longevity is precious beyond compare. I cannot thank the Rajus enough for blessing me and my family in so many important ways.

England ~ Chronic skin condition cleared & feeling much younger:

"I have known the Raju family for over 30 years, and in that time I have seen them perform miracles for people suffering from all kinds of serious health issues. In my case, I had a chronic genetic skin problem that was making life very uncomfortable and was not responding to standard western treatment protocols. After a series of visits to the Raju Clinic in Hyderabad this condition is now almost entirely cleared up. Not only that, as a result of regular Panchakarma treatments at the clinic I now feel 10-15 years younger. The whole Raju family has a deep commitment to removing serious diseases, and a family tradition in the science of Ayurveda that stretches back for centuries. I highly recommend them."

Italy ~ Whole new perception of mind and health:  

"My friend reports that panchakarma with the Rajus is very effective and strong, and after the days of treatments you perceive your health in a very different way. It is the same for me. Every day you regain a piece of your health and this means more open awareness, more open mind and intellect; the senses became more bright and you start to remember (smriti) what you really are. Thank you very much to this great family who from so many generations are preserving the purity of this deep knowledge."

USA ~ I  got cured of paranoid schizophrenia at this clinic:

I was diagnosed with it in 2004. I went on disability, tried to kill myself ~ it was a nightmare.

I didn't take drugs. Instead, I changed my diet and lifestyle, took Ayurvedic medicine, did Ayurvedic cleansing therapies at home--and almost disappeared the disease. In 2oo9 I flew to India for treatments. Then in 2012 Drs. Krishna and Jaya Ramanuja Raju pronounced me cured. I'm back at my writing career-and loving it! Thank heavens for Ayurveda. Ambuja Rosen ~ Author of Heal Your Mental Illness, Ashland Oregon, USA

Iran ~ Long term benefits: 

"I started PK more than 10 years ago with Dr. Rajus family, and have been coming annually since then. Now I am 60 years old, but even though I am 10 years older I don’t feel that I age and everybody tells me that I look better than before even. Before starting the Raju Panchakarma, I had high blood pressure and joint problems from my mother’s side. But with the regular PK, the health problems don’t increase and just keep getting better. I don’t take any allopathic medicines, only herbal supplements.”

USA ~ Smriti success story: 

"I am happy to say we have had great success with the Smriti [Raju family herbal preparation for enlivening wholeness and health].  My son who had been diagnosed with ADD has had a fabulous beginning of the school year without any drugs and only the Smriti.  He even got straight A's this quarter.  It truly feels like a miracle that he's been able to be such a success without traditional medication.  Not only is he thriving at school his whole temperament is better." 

South Africa ~ Improved quality of sleep & bladder issues gone: 

"One of the best gifts I have from my panchakarma treatments is a much better quality of sleep since returning home. I fall asleep within minutes of switching off the light and as a result wake up earlier and really refreshed. Also I have such a great feeling of well being and happiness. And I don’t have bladder issues anymore [no more chronic frequent urination]. It's so nice to go comfortably around the golf course and I'm only up once or twice a night now...those tablets along with the PK healing are amazing! This has undoubtedly been the best Panchakarma I've done. I have an amazing sense of well-being and happiness! My golfing friends have noticed how young I am looking." 

India ~ Grateful for help with 3rd stage ovarian cancer: 

"Dear Doctor Raju, I  saw you in September,  2013. Since then I have been following the same prescription you gave me, which has greatly helped in the treatment of 3rd stage ovarian cancer. Thanking you so much..."

USA ~ All-around health boost: 

"I'm in my mid-60's and I came to the Raju Wellness Center looking for an all-around health boost. I certainly got that. I also found that the Ayurveda treatments were very healing emotionally and mentally as well."

Italy ~ Feel better every time: 

"I feel better every time I receive the Raju thyroid treatment, even though in my blood test nothing ever showed as bad [for thyroid]. And my friend is in a good health position after a heart attack because of the Raju PK and herbal treatments." 

USA ~ Kidney function improving significantly:  

"Since taking the Raju Smriti and Shodhana herbal preparations for about two months, I've seen about a 25-30% improvement in kidney function as it relates to my creatinine count, a measurement of how I dispense impurities. Before starting the Raju herbs, my creatinine count was quite high (normal is 1.5 and mine was 4.17). But my most recent blood test showed it as down to 3.37—a pretty dramatic reversal! Before, my doctor was pushing me towards dialysis and we started the process for transplant. But all that has been put on hold now as we play out the process and see to what extent things continue to improve. Along with that, as kidney function declines, leg swelling is quite common, and I had that situation. My swelling has diminished substantially at this point. It's still there, but much less then before."

England ~ Myopic macular degeneration recovery:  

http://www.macular-degeneration-recovery.com/index.html. This site details my clinically authenticated and highly atypical recovery from myopic macular degeneration subsequent to residential Ayurvedic treatment, and provides full clinical data, discussion and treatment contact details.

USA ~ Huge transformation for my life: 

"The Raju panchakarma and herbs and my new routine already have been a huge transformation for my life.  It takes a lot of time, but since coming back I've been essentially giving myself a "mini-PK" daily and then following that with asanas, surya namaskar, pranayama, and a long [meditation] program.  By the time I start my day, I'm in bliss and the physiology feels so smooth and clear and amazing!  I'm SO happy I went to the Rajus to do PK ( I almost went to a clinic in Kerela instead). The only thing I've experienced that is more powerful was learning TM and Yogic Flying - and that is saying a lot because TM and the TM-Sidhis Program completely changed my life!.  But I'm always ready for more transformation!"

USA ~ Remarkable improvement in metabolic tests: 

"I called the Raju Family last week to let them know how much better my health is now. Since taking the high doses of Smirti Vardhak Yog, I have had some remarkable changes in my metabolic panel, which has allowed my doctor here to take me off most of my western medication because everything has become within the range of normal. My calcium which was too high is OK now, My Vitamin D was way too low, and that is OK now. And even the parathyroid is normal."

England ~ Physical and mental trauma relief: 

"I arrived at the Raju Family Center in a mess. Basically I had suffered a mental and physical breakdown as a result of some traumatic experiences and was in a state of high anxiety and physical discomfort. My hair was even falling out. Now, a month after six weeks of PK treatment, I am feeling calm, happy and enthusiastic for the first time in over a year. My body is well on the way to being back to its best too. The healing provided by Dr. Krishna and his colleagues at the Raju Family Health Center is real and it is deep. Because it is real healing and not just a mask of symptoms it takes time, and the journey to health itself can be challenging, but support is in place and the environment is sweet and nurturing." 

Panama ~ Amazing pulse diagnosis and treatments--healthier now than ever before: 

"I am 63 and I have no health problems.  One of my goals is  to live and be healthy into my nineties. I  went for Panchakarma to help me have that long healthy life. At the clinic, the most  amazing experiences were the daily consultations with the Dr. Rajus. From touching my pulse, they asked me about difficult events that happened 25 years ago and knew everything about my health. It felt like an honor to be diagnosed by them.  In terms of the treatments, I was astonished at how many daily treatments we received. These were labor intensive treatments- especially the long daily oil massages.  Since I returned, I feel healthier than ever before. I will definitely return for another health retreat."

USA ~ Blood abnormality normalized through Raju PK: 

“In 2012, a vaidya in Lancaster, Massachusetts said that her reading of my pulse indicated something was wrong with my blood. She said that this could be addressed by going to India for leech treatment and she told me about her teacher, Dr J.R. Raju. I was not immediately thrilled with this idea, and couldn’t imagine following up on it. Then, about two weeks later, I got results from blood work ordered by a neurologist for neuropathy in my feet. The lab results confirmed that a blood abnormality did exist that could be a causal factor for neuropathy but that also, in a small percentage of cases, could lead to blood cancer. The abnormality was an excess of Iga-Lambda monoclonal protein. I called Dr Raju and Dr Krishna in India and decided to visit the Raju Family Health Center where I could have treatments with the special leeches available there. After six leech treatments performed during two, one month panchakarma treatment series (separated by a year) my blood tested as normal in 2014. My feet are more comfortable now and I no longer have to visit the oncologist yearly. I am so grateful for this healing and am continuing my annual visits to the Raju Health Center to get more benefits from this extraordinary healing system of ayurveda and this very precious family of healers.”   

USA ~ Improved digestion and elimination: 

"My health improvement from the Raju Panchakarma Center is elimination and improved digestion. That may sound general, but it means a LOT to me." 

USA ~ Successful Home Treatment for Heart Problems: 

"We called Dr. Krishna right away when my husband was diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. Dr. Krishna was soothing and indicated that my husband's situation was curable through Ayurveda and told him not to worry. This was the opposite of the medical viewpoint of alarm. Dr. Krishna said to continue seeing the medical doctor and recommended certain herbs as well as a special daily Abhyanga (self-oil massage) combined with self-marma therapy, and other changes to his daily routine. 

"As it turned out, the Western medicine slowed down my husband's heart rate too much, so he dropped the medicine and used the Raju herbs exclusively. Within a few weeks, he was back to normal and has not looked back. He regularly continues the herbs and other recommendations from Dr. Krishna and feels that they have not only strengthened and regulated his physical heart, but have nourished and softened his emotional heart. This is the beauty of Ayurveda: the healing is on all levels of a person's being, and there are no harmful side effects. Now my husband is more balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally, and his spiritual practice has deepened as well."

USA ~ Natural Hepatitis Cure: 

"When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis, my blood work was so bad that the liver specialist saw me in two days--normally she has at least a 6 week waiting period! I called both Dr. Krishna and Dr. Raju for their advice. They agreed that Dr. Krishna should make a special preparation of fresh herbs for me and this would heal the liver. They both said that in India, liver problems are not considered dangerous because the Ayurvedic Vaidyas know how to cure them. The liver is one of the fastest regenerating organs in the body.

"With great compassion and love Dr. Krishna, in the midst of his busy schedule, drove 3-4 hours each way to pick specific herbs for me. He did this because he wanted the herbs to be picked properly. He then cured the herbs in the traditional Ayurvedic manner and recited special Vedic sounds over the preparation. He asked someone coming home from the health center to bring the fresh herbs to me. Before they left, he gave very specific instructions on how the herbs were to be taken care of during travel and made sure the person would follow his instructions fully. Dr. Krishna prepared six batches of fresh herbs for me! Each batch lasted a month. After the 6th batch, my liver was healed. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Raju and Dr. Krishna for their skill, knowledge, love, service and compassion. They are both brilliant vaidyas and everyone who is fortunate enough to be treated by them is blessed."

USA ~ Flu season and asthma relief: 

"This last winter a friend came to visit me. During her visit my friend got a bad case of the flu, a sudden onset of asthma and was very sick. As she has had lifelong asthma, I was very concerned. I contacted the Raju Center and was given recommendations for herbs that could help. Within hours of taking the Raju herbs my friend’s asthma begin to improve. Within 24 hours the asthma was gone and shortly after that the flu was over as well. Everyone at my house was extremely impressed with the healing power of these herbs!!" 

Israel ~ An herb experience: 

"Shodhana Vati! SO many benefits in one herb ~ such a great supplement for better digestion and elimination; just putting one tab in the mouth at the onset of a cold and NO MORE running nose! It also helps with jet lag during long flights, and detoxifies the GI tract in a very gentle, daily way. What more to ask for from an herb :) Thank you Raju family for your ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and for sharing with us with so much compassion and dedication!"

USA ~ Best health care for my family's needs: 

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Krishna Raju as our family health advisor. Whenever we have an important health concern, I will contact Dr. Raju and he provides a remedy that actually works. Everyone in my immediate family has benefitted from his kind, nurturing care and every time this happens I am in awe and feel so grateful to him."

USA ~ Health and life saving experiences: 

"In our family, thanks to the Rajus' considerable wisdom and kind help, we have all learned to trust the healing process, which is cyclical in nature and structures progress in stages, like taking a back-stitch to make a seam strong. And we all aspire to Dr. Raju's #1 instruction "not to worry' because we have seen this system of Ayurvedic healing work in all manner of situations, for so many people. No matter where you are on the healing path powerful, natural remedies are there to help you.

"After seeing our son's amazing recovery from serious intestinal problems (defying all the western doctor's predictions and done entirely without drug treatment), my brother and his wife turned to Dr. Raju for help when their daughter (who had cancer as a child) suddenly developed a second tumor, so deep in the brain that surgery was impossible.  

"While the doctors were trying to figure out what to do, my niece started taking smriti, recommended by Dr. Raju, in increasingly higher doses. He told us that smriti enlivens the "memory of wholeness and health in the body," and because the body made itself and has total knowledge of the creative/regenerative process deep within the DNA, anything is possible for healing. He also explained that smriti is especially good at removing "unwanted tissues" and healing the brain. 

"He told her to start with two doses of smriti per day and that if she noticed improvement within two weeks it meant that she would overcome the disease easily, if not it would take much longer. Amazingly, after only a couple of days she had an improvement in symptoms: the tumor was pressing on critical nerves, causing some paralysis on one side of her body, which began to lessen almost immediately from starting Smriti. Then Dr. Raju had her increase the dose (eventually up to 6 times per day). Not long after, her doctors decided to do a special radiation technique for deep tumors, and as they were preparing for that and measuring the exact position of the mass, they discovered the tumor was a little smaller, and cancelled the procedure immediately! 

"Over the next few weeks she kept taking more and more smriti (reaching six doses per day) along with some other herbs that Dr. Raju had prescribed, and every time the doctors checked, the tumor had continued to shrink. During this process she would have 'good' days and 'bad' days neurologically, which Dr. Raju explained were from alternating stages of swelling and shrinking of the tumor in the healing process, and told her to  increase her smriti dose as needed on the difficult days. I can't even remember exactly how long it took for the tumor to dissipate completely because IT WAS SO FAST ~ couldn't have been more than 2 months for it to become a small and harmless lump of inert tissue.

"During the dissolving process, Dr. Raju said that it was very important she not stop smriti until it had finished the job, because the 'intelligence' in the herb (it's organizing power) was governing the handling of the disease by enlivening the innate intelligence in her body, and it was crucial not to lose that guidance mid-way. He also said that smriti was not only helping the immune system to dissolve the tumor, but also allowing for the rebuilding and repair of the brain that was going on at the same time. 

"Today, over 10 years later, my niece is still cancer-free. Smriti literally saved her life, and we can only thank Dr. Raju and his family for their wonderful herbs from the bottom of all our hearts. Dr. Raju also told us that healing nerve damage is very rare, and only possible with authentic Ayurveda. My niece had a partial recovery in this regard from just taking the herbs, and Dr. Raju said that with Panchakarma in India she could regenerate even more.

"One of the most dramatic healing experiences I have witnessed: 

is that of a young woman who experienced the return of an aggressive cancer 3 years after a seemingly successful course of treatment with chemo and targeted antibody. Her doctors said that only a more extreme approach could work the 2nd time around, recommending a more toxic form of chemo followed by an autologous stem cell transplant and whole body radiation. The chemo is so intensive that it destroys your stem cells, so they must be harvested beforehand and then re-infused afterwards to prevent your physiology from complete collapse. Risks include a significant chance of dying from the treatment, and there are many side effects from both the chemo and the radiation that could be permanent. Most certainly she would suffer premature menopause. The cure rate for this treatment regimen is 50%. 

"Dr. Raju told her to talk to me, because of my niece's incredible success with smriti for her cancer, as well as another friend who had successfully reversed another life-threatening condition almost entirely through Ayurveda. Interestingly, Dr. Raju told this young woman to "do whatever makes you feel safe" because he knew how important the deep feeling level is for regaining health. In the end she decided to put herself entirely in the hands of the Rajus in Hyderabad, because the Western treatment option was unthinkable to her.

"She started with smriti in very high doses (about 12 times a day) along with a number of other potent Ayurvedic herbs, and then went to the Raju family Institute of Ayurveda in Hyderabad for 5.5 months of Panchakarma treatments. After only 4 months since beginning the high doses of smriti and 3 months of PK (patiently following ALL of the Raju recommendations) she had a PT/CT scan that was completely negative--showing no cancerous activity at all. Since then she has continued taking the herbs and has committed herself to yearly panchakarma treamtments to get at the deeper, causal level more completely to help ensure the cancer doesn't come back again. Subsequent PT/CT scans have shown the same negative results.

"One of the most amazing things for me in witnessing all of this was a conversation I had with Dr. Raju mid-way through her treatments, where he told me that the focus of the approach was not to focus on the disease itself, but to prolong the health in the body, and increase health so thoroughly that the disease itself would become immaterial ~ just simply go away. And that is exactly what happened, as seen her email sent from India in November, 2008  "And the PET scan came out CLEAR....here I quote the doctor's evaluation of the scan: "NEGATIVE FOR VIABLE TUMOR ~ no focal abnormality seen."

Australia ~ Free from melanoma metastasis for the longest period yet: 

"As a first timer to Ayurvedic treatment in India, I came to it with an open mind and heart for this traditional method of healing. I was firstly surprised at the length and depth of the Panchacharma process, having been used to the western model of perhaps twice weekly. With the upgrade to daily treatments, supported with a complex variety of tinctures, oils and herbs, this moved me rapidly into a healing mode. 

"For 30 days this continued and eventually the fine-ness of the body's state became apparent. I experienced both a deep cleansing and vibrational readjustment that translated into two major eruptions of my melanoma metastasis [underlying problems coming to the surface, according to Ayurveda, where they can more easily exit the body]. These were removed surgically in quick succession after two months. It's been 9 months now since that event and over 12 months since my treatment at the Raju Center. To this point I'm free from outbreaks, the longest period in 4 years." 

USA ~ Invaluable for my recovery from cancer: 

"I feel very grateful to Dr. Raju for the medical help that he has given me. I was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2010 by a team of specialists at our regional hospital. They recommended surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I consulted with Dr. Raju via phone consultations and he recommended, in addition to their regime, herbal supplements that were available through his clinic. I found Dr. Raju's herbs very strengthening and revitalizing, even while I was doing the standard Western treatments as well. Thanks to Dr. Raju's advice, support, and attention, in addition to his herbal recommendations, which I am continuing to take, I am feeling healthy, strong, and energetic. I have been cancer free for a few years now and I feel confident in recommending Dr. Raju's Health Center--his knowledge and treatments were invaluable to my full recovery."

USA ~ Profound Panchakarma results: 

"I have been to the Raju Family PK Center three times for 27 to 34 days of panchakarma. The results have been profound. Dr. Krishna Raju is a brilliant, compassionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable Vaidya. He takes your pulse in the morning and based upon your pulse, creates a specialized program for you each day. This includes various treatments, diet, herbalized oils, herbs, and more. The treatments offered at the Center are powerful to say the least. The technicians are loving and skilled, and the whole feeling at the Center is nurturing. And this starts with the entire Raju family opening their hearts to you and making you a part of their family. Many people have experienced life-transforming changes as a result of Raju Panchakarma. I am one of them. Dr. Krishna healed a serious liver condition through treatments, special herbs, and diet, as well as through his and his brother, Dr. Raju's, loving attention. 

"I have also been fortunate to have several Marma Therapy treatments while at the Center, which enliven the subtlest qualities of the Marma points in the body and transform the whole physiology and consciousness. I strongly encourage you to experience the transforming and enlivening effects of the Raju PK Center, for a tremendous boost to your health and well-being on every level."