Feeling the Pulse


"When you are feeling your pulse you are feeling your life"

Vaidya Krishna Raju

“Feeling the pulse ~ For everyone it is very important"

“It is very important to know about yourself and know what is happening within your body. When we take the pulse we are using that self-referral value of consciousness. Who can be better than you to know about yourself? When we lose the self-referral value, we lose our connection to the source of our health and our consciousness. Taking the pulse enlivens this connection and allows the body to throw off stress more efficiently and completely.”

Vaidya J.R. Raju

“Doesn’t matter how long you feel each time. What you have to do is just feel the pulse.

Where to feel the pulse, that is most important"

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Ladies feel on the left arm, men on the right:

  • With the palms facing up (towards the body), the opposite hand comes under the arm so that the first three fingers can wrap around easily and feel the pulse (on the thumb side of the inner wrist).

  • First find the bottom of the wrist bone with the index finger (right below where the wrist bends).

  • Then slide down from there into the groove or depression outside the tendons that run along the inner forearm (over the radial artery). "Let the hand that’s feeling rest on the other hand (under it). Feel the pulse without anything in the hands, and no watch, or spectacles on the head." Vaidya J.R. Raju

“Doesn’t matter how long you feel each time. What you have to do is just feel the pulse—where to feel the pulse, that is most important:

There are two bones in the wrist joint (radius, on the thumb side; ulna on the other side). In-between these two bones on the thumb side there is a groove. From the end of the wrist joint bone you have to move down into the groove, over the radial artery. We have to feel the pulse on the radial artery. It is important to be relaxed—you are making to relax [resting your wrist in the palm of the hand that comes underneath]…then move down towards the radial groove. Always the sequence of the fingers should be like this: index, middle, and ring fingers all together, and have to come around under the hand. Index finger is towards the peripheral (first). Feel with all three fingers together.” Vaidya J.R. Raju

Feel whatever way you feel comfortable (fingers flat or upright). Press lightly—just enough to feel the pulse. This gives us the surface pulse which tells what is happening in the body right now:

“When you feel the pulse, automatically it makes your intention to flow into your system. Like the thought, for example. If the children are doing some mistake, the most powerful influence is mother. The next is father, then teachers, friends and all. So the power [the influence of the attention] is there. In the same way, when you put that intention to the pulse, it helps to rectify all the different things in the body.

"Even in a few minutes you can learn and pick it up and you will notice some more information you got and after that more information:

"After one year, when you are feeling regularly, you will feel even more information in your pulse ~ automatically the knowledge will come. Don’t look for all those things—just feel the pulse and you will know. Do it often, like when you are waiting at the airport and you don’t know what to do, waiting, rushing, getting impatient, so sit quietly and start feeling the pulse. Don’t worry about the advanced knowledge…go on feeling it. Feel many times, and one day you will get the answer. It is easy; so self-referral.” Vaidya. J.R. Raju

"When the message is unclear, to get the clarity if you feel the pulse every day many times, then you will get some clarity. The brain is a universal library—automatically it searches and you will get the answer.

Vaidya J.R. Raju

"In the first stage of learning, just look for whether you feel good or bad—the immediate impression from the pulse:

“After a few days practice we can feel something [more and more]. If the pulse feels good, it means everything is good. If it feels bad in some way, then ask the Vaidya what it means, or simply keep feeling the pulse every day and more and more the clarity, and knowledge, will come." Vaiday J.R. Raju

“Don’t feel anything—just feel the pulse. Do it for relaxation, and just that if you are feeling your pulse you are feeling your life.

"When you want to analyze the thing sometimes some people might get stressed so don’t analyze, just feel. “When you are taking your own pulse, feel always the good thing [put your attention on that]. When you have something negative, with that negative feeling you will see so many bad things. But just to calm down with the pulse and you will feel the difference within 30 seconds to one minute or three minutes, and you will feel a lot of change." Vaidya Krishna Raju

Regarding interpretations: “You have to be careful. For the migraine, for example, there may be hundreds of reasons—insomnia, wrong food, wrong thought, chemicals, too much water ~ so many things are possible. How you can confirm if you feel something? Ask the Vaidya and take more advanced courses.” Vaidya J.R. Raju

Another thing to do whenever you are feeling the pulse is to lift the fingers (one or two at a time): “Just sitting on the pulse is not enough.

Just lift the fingers…cannot lift all the fingers (at least one should still be there). It is important to lift the fingers because all the diseases are waiting for the physician to get the moksha (freedom). They are waiting. When you are feeling, they are coming overloaded in that cycle [crowding, trying to come out]. When you lift you are making them to release [let go / dissolve]. Just witness it...feeling the pulse and lifting the fingers and feeling good or bad, just you do these things.” Vaidya J.R. Raju

If you feel any doubts about what to do with your life or routine, feel the pulse:

“In this you are listening to the body at least—being self-referral. So you are getting in tune in a better way. It is like you are listening to your mother: mother nature’s good advices—it guides. So it is making you to be subtle. Swashta—Swa means Self, Shta means established—to get established in YOURSELF.” Vaidya J.R. Raju

Feeling the pulse many times a day brings so many benefits. “Whenever you feel the pulse it helps to move the stress out and balance yourself so much. This will enhance the Panchakarma and balance everything so much more.

Vaidya J.R. Raju

"Whatever we feel in the pulse, that is how it is ~ the TRUTH."

"Whether you get the information or not, don’t worry. There is no intuition with the pulse—the knowledge is there, structured in the consciousness. You have the receptors in your brain. But even though you learn from the best, if you cannot practice it will be of no use…all is depending on the practice. So feeling the pulse is the most important thing; understanding you can get later.”

Vaidya J.R. Raju

"We are feeling the five elements with the three fingers" ~ Vaidya J.R. Raju

  • The first finger feels Vata Dosha—vayu (space) and akasha (air), governing all movement in the body

  • The second finger feels Pitta Dosha—agni (fire) and jala (water), controlling heat and metabolism in the physiology

  • The third finger feels Kapha Dosha—jala (water) and prithivi (earth), giving stability and structure to the body

"Vata, pitta, kapha, and all the sub-doshas are connected to the marmas [energy/intelligence centers in the body]. All the marmas are hidden in three [vata, pitta, kapha]. There are countless marmas—all the marmas are in every cell. Feeling the pulse in the right place and feeling with inner attention cures the marmas." Vaidya J.R. Raju

“It is very, very practical to go to a more pure diet and take the energy more and more from the sun. Once, if you purify your body from PK, then you are in tune with the nature and then have the knowledge of the pulse. If you take your pulse, then you will know....take it before you take some food or pizza or something. When you’re feeling should I have this, either look at it and feel [the pulse], or even with the thought then feel the pulse, and sometimes you will feel it is too heavy for me. When the food comes in front of you, all the senses, the neuro-peptides, they are raised. The energy information is there and you are the consciousness which is manipulating it. So the intelligence which is not confused is manipulating and making you come to one point [right decision].”

Vaidya J.R. Raju