The Raju Family

"Physician, herbs, staff, patient ~ these are the four aspects for treatment ~ cannot be complete without these four. In this is everything. The qualities of the physician, and similarly the qualities of the herbs, staff, patient, all are under the control of the physician. The physician should be capable of handling the situation, having the knowledge of all the different sciences, and can treat the disease. Drishta Karma ~ to make all these things requires Sattva, purity of the physician and proper training since childhood."

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Generations of Vaidyas

Institute Founder, Vaidya Dr. B.A. Raju ~

Father Raju served as director of the family health service programs for decades, offering consultations with a specialization in infertility. He was a published author and translator of sanskrit texts and in recent years enjoyed retirement with his family in Hyderabad, who treasured his presence and his wisdom dearly.

Vaidya Dr. Sunanda Raju ~

Mother Raju was a master herbalist and key contributor to many of the very special Raju Family herbal preparations.

Vaidya Dr. Lakshmi Narasimha Raju ~

Maternal Grandfather: a renowned and royal vaidya to many great leaders of state, and prime childhood teacher to our cherished Raju family vaidyas.

Vaidya Dr. Lakshman Raju ~

Paternal Grandfather: a great vaidya and author, who wrote a famous book on alchemy.

Nadee Praveena Vaidyacharya Dr. J.R. Raju, and Institute Director Vaidya Dr. A.V. 'Krishna' Raju, MD-Ayurveda:

With more than 80 combined years of experience and success in treating the full range of diseases, from prevention to seemingly incurable, the Raju brothers form the core of the Institute's Council of Vaidyas. They work tirelessly helping people heal, both here at the Health Center and around the globe.

"To have the Rajus on your side when you have health problems is like nothing else ~ anywhere. They have helped me and my family solve health issues, both large and small, for over a decade and are always there for us, no matter what. To have their guidance and support in times of need is like a lifeline ~ something to hold on to that you can trust and know you are safe. And when they say "don't worry" it's the best medicine of all. We are so blessed to have them in our lives!" ~ USA

Vaidya Dr. Padma Nayani Raju ~ Consultation Vaidya, Panchakarma Treatment Supervisor, Herbal Preparations, and Guest Services Manager:

Dr. Padma is the 'Mother' of the Health Center, supporting Dr. Krishna in day-to-day functions and making sure everyone is happy. She is an expert in Ayurvedic herbology, nutrition, and is a highly skilled chef. She prepares all the menus and oversees meal preparation according to the traditional principles of Ayurveda, for the best nutritional support during the treatment days. Padma is also the organizer behind all the Vedic Festivals regularly celebrated at the PK Center, and on top of all this is the mother of young twins.

Dr. Padma's husband Harsha 'Harish' Vardhan Raju:

Harish is the Chief Administrator and Facilities Manager for the Institute and also handles treatment bookings, herb orders, and accounting. He supervises the staff along with his wife Dr. Padma and helps with training of the men technicians. Harish was also the general contractor for the new dining hall & residence building which is a great success. He loves travel, the arts, yoga, and young people, and is a a hands-on, terrific father!

Vaidya Drs. Pavani Raju, Harsha Raju, and Aditya Raju:

Leading experts in pulse diagnosis and Suksma Marma Therapy, with advanced degrees in both General Ayurvedic Practice and Panchakarma, the three children of Vaidya J.R. Raju and his wife Vaidya Devaki Raju lead the way for the younger generation of Raju Vaidyas. They have had extensive consultation and teaching experience in India, Europe, and locations throughout the world.

Vaidya Devaki Raju

Vaidya Dr. Uma Rani Raju and Daughter, Vaidya Dr. Ramya Raju

In addition to her considerable skills in Ayurveda developed since childhood, Uma Rani studied philosophy at university and received a Doctorate in Telugu Literature. She was a university professor much of her life, and then offered her teaching skills and amazing heart to students at the local state school for underprivileged youth in Hyderabad. The year before her passing, she received the "Teacher of the Year" award. Along with her sister Padma she was a master of Ayurvedic culinary arts & herbal preparations, and devoted mother to her daughter, Vaidya Ramya Raju, who has just completed her B.A.M.S. with honors in Ayurveda.

Vaidyas in Training

With All Blessings from the Raju Family