Banana Purification Treatment (BT)

Powerful Therapy to Promote Perfect Health ~ for This Generation & the Next! 


“BT is mainly to rejuvenate the cells” Vaidya Krishna Raju

Prepared by the Vaidyas with special mantras to "carry the vibration" all over the body, purifying & enlivening everything (given for three or more consecutive days on empty stomach with a small piece of banana & sprinkling of herb).

"BT carries the message of the Smriti (the cellular memory) enlivening all the different things for rejuvenation, immunity and longevity. There is a LOT that the treatment does ~ promotion of all the different values for the reproductive organs & also for every cell."  Vaidya J.R. Raju

"Banana Treatment improves assimilation & absorption of nutrients and proper hormone secretions for everyone because it works mainly through the vibrations and affects everything. During menstruation BT is highly purifying so it helps A LOT for everything. When not menstruating BT is also very helpful & definitely good to do. And for reproduction & healthy progeny ~ BT is the BEST.

Even in menopause or for older males it's good because the endocrine glands secrete more with BT ~ so all the hormones benefit, not just the reproductive hormones. BT will clear out so many things, all the channels, and improve the Agni, vigor & vitality even without menstruation"   Vaidya Krishna Raju

"BT regulates and balances the hormones and improves OJAS (strength) for both women and men"  Vaidya Padma Nayani Raju

Vaidya Ramya Raju

BT for women deep-cleanses the entire body, particularly the female reproductive system. Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this 3-5 day treatment especially when given during the days of menstrual flow. 

If you have painful periods, fibroids, cysts, infertility or other related problems, a minimum of two or more consecutive Banana Treatments may be required to adequately detoxify both the ovaries and related systems. The treatment also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.

"The main action of Banana Treatment for women of reproductive age is on the uterus ~ the communication between the brain and the uterus. 

"When the communication is obstructed, it clears it—whatever is in the way. And this helps everything because it removes the blockages. With gall stones it takes some time, for liver problems much less time, gas much less ~ because it fixes everything that is in-between and clears the way. Whatever is blocking it clears & makes that sankalpa [intention of the BT] to work."  Vaidya J.R. Raju

“Why is Banana Treatment so powerful? 

The main thing is the vibration [from the vedic sounds]. Just like the planet is considered as the human (small point), Brahmananda is the universe (vast). Like that the herb is always minute, and it will work in all directions [huge expansion]. Similarly, the vibration enters into the body and goes into the whole endocrine system, not only the reproductive system, and creates the balance. 

The treatment is given at the best time of the month because of the power of the underlying cycle. If you remember when you had a period once, then it is easy to find the cycle through the pulse. The menstruation and all these things are due to the influence of the nakshatras, the stars, so the correct cycle is 28 days. We have 27 nakshatras and on the 28th day it starts over. When the nakshatras are influencing the females they will also influence the males. Banana Treatment is a good rejuvenation. It is like half or even one full PK in value even when you are in menopause. Even if you don’t have those organs due to hysterectomy, whatever the balance is needed will come from the treatments. The whole hormone system is endocrine, so no need to worry about the organ itself. For men we can do Banana Treatment and it works on the Endocrine system. For male and female it is different with the bodies, so it will make the system to work properly. 

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Regeneration of Reproductive Organs

Quote by Vaidya J. R. Raju ~ 

"Some ladies are born without uterus and vagina and with the Banana Treatment they naturally grow them. The treatment is not only for female problems, it is also like a kayakalp [deep regenerative healing]. If it is able to replace a missing organ, then it is definitely the kayakalp. For Banana Treatment, what is most common is solving the infertility, menstrual cramps, fibroid tumors, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, such problems. But now we have 14 documented cases of reversing this MRKH Syndrome (a condition which causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent).

"How Banana Treatment heals? Actually what happens is: the brain is the seat of all the functions so if any organ is not grown, you are not seeing that physical growth. But it doesn't mean that there is no information in the brain, because it is total brain—not partial brain. If born with the four lobes of the brain, it should be that total information is there. 

"Why this big brain is needed? Even the leech has no brain but is doing such powerful work. It has only that GI tract and those three teeth which they use to bite and suck. It knows only that—not even to vomit (without vomiting it will die). Because of that it is a sacred animal, cannot do any harm. In the same way, we are born in the the total knowledge. So somewhere if an organ is missing, the communication is missing. Just at the time of the delivery it starts to be visible ~ like in the flowers. So many things can be expressed only at certain stages, like bud and then flower.

"No uterus means some communication went wrong and some channels are blocked. Where, we cannot find out because there is no pipeline. It is like endochrinal system without channels. When you look into this you find somewhere it is blocked. So this is what happens when Banana Treatment is given: it works on the channels. Through the channels it goes over there [to the right place]. How do you know that? With that you can say oh, the blockage is here because someone after taking the Banana Treatment says "my digestion is better, my sleep is so wonderful" In two minutes you feel the difference ~ in 20 minutes the menstrual flow is different. if you don’t sleep and you go on working you never get exhausted. It gives such tremendous energy. It is different on men, because the functions are different with the hormones, like mini kayakalpa.

"With the Banana Treatment, it brings the young virgin quality, like young woman ~ brings that youthfulness. What is happening? Did you see anyone with big fiery acne on the face and back? Like those cases, immediately overnight after taking the Banana Treatment they say my suffering is so much better. When you get up next day morning generally the skin becomes so soft it is like baby skin, because it clears the channels from every level. 

"With the treatment, the signals have to go like this, down through the brahmasthan [navel or center-point of the body], so it starts to clear the different areas and then reaches to the uterus. The signals are particular [specific and precise]. Like in the schools, for example, there are the different bells, different sounds ~ for a short break different sound / long break different sound. These signals are different for the uterus, but in-between the different organs are also cleared.

"Uterus is one of the most important organs because it is giving birth to the next generation, and which is supposed to be completely healthy. It is not supposed to give birth to the sick person. If they are not giving birth to the healthy baby, something is wrong. The proper vibration is what is missing. Like at the time of conception it was only one cell but it is becoming, that one cell, as the eyes, stomach, heart, and all the different cells. When you talk in the modern medicine, liver cell is different, but it all started from the one cell because of the transformation. One cell with different frequencies and vibrations—it transforms. Shakti [energy] is the same whether in the sword, atom bomb, fire, water...becoming all different energies. How are you channelizing [transforming the energy]—according to that it creates the different shape and structure. 

"When it comes to the missing uterus, the energy is not reaching ~ the vibration is not reaching up to that level [where the uterus should form]. If you create the sound inside the cup, for example, it is different than in the glass, because the vibration is depending on the container. So that vibration [the physical energy to create the uterus] ~ before that it was stuck in the stomach, stuck and not recognized by the stomach because it is not that kind of the vibration. Stomach can receive only that kind of vibration made for the stomach. Just as you will be recognizing only someone calling you by your name. If someone calls in a market place, you do not recognize it. But if a friend calls with your name, like that, you start to look...recognition…vibration. The recognition ~ how it is having that energy, that medium, that power." 

Personal BT Experiences

"The time since my banana treatment has honestly been incredible..... 

I feel really tapped into my energy, my creative potential and something has also shifted in the way men are drawn to me. All of which would make sense given where the healing took place. I also got my period this morning which was a bit of a surprise as I had none of the usual telltale signs that warn me that it’s on the way! I had no weight gain or water retention, no irritability or feeling very emotional, I have been sleeping just fine even though I usually don’t, and most importantly, I had zero cramps, pain or crippling fatigue when my period arrived!!! It’s honestly a miracle! Please thank the Raju family from the bottom of my heart for this gift!" ~ AUSTRALIA

"I gave birth to my daughter naturally at the age of 46 having conceived naturally. I know this was in huge part to having been so fortunate to have received the Banana Treatment from the Raju family..... 

I had been doing many things to get to that point including meditation and following an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle as best I could in the midst of a big, busy city. And - I know BT was ultimately the treatment that made it happen. I had taken the contraceptive pill for a number of years since my late teens and I’d had a couple of decades of a very intense corporate career that involved a lot of long haul flights. When I started thinking seriously about having a child, my body was definitely out of balance. 

I started having regular Panchakarma with the Raju family every year and that included having BT once or twice each time. I remember feeling SO tired when I first started having BT - my body was releasing fatigue that felt so deep and ancient. I would sleep all day and could hardly get out of bed. I also experienced some intense emotional release however it always felt very positive and after the treatment I felt so strong and energized.

In the first few years of trying to conceive, I experienced about three very early miscarriages. My periods were regular however they were very heavy and went on for at least 7 days. After 2-3 rounds of BT this began to change and I could feel my hormones coming back to a more balanced state.

I feel very blessed to have received this transformational treatment and I encourage any woman who is considering it to try it. Without a doubt, (and aside from the fertility issues I faced), having Banana Treatment is one of the most nourishing and balancing things I have ever done.” ~ ENGLAND

"I have had debilitating periods all my life.....

horrible cramps, nausea, and pain. After receiving banana treatment from Dr. Pavani Raju, I would say my periods are 95-99% better. Not only that, but it has had a side effect of giving me greater confidence and sense of self. I feel very lucky to have been given this treatment.  ~ USA

"The Banana Purification Treatment was an incredibly special experience. I am very very grateful that I finally experienced it..... 

The month before I received the BT my cycle was a nightmare. I went to the hospital from being in such tremendous and unbearable pain. Morphine wasn't even enough because I suffered from a partially ruptured ovarian cyst. My doctor assumed it crossed with a blood vessel. This brings the worst pain ever. It has been likened to child birth, followed by massive abdominal swelling. The 2-3 prior cycles were increasing in pain leading up to last month where I couldn't even stand or walk. I could just curl into myself on the floor, using all my energy to endure the pain. This past cycle, after taking the banana treatment, I barely felt any pain at all (just some the first day, but Advil was sufficient in relieving the pain). I am so grateful!!! I was actually scared and anxious about the next cycle, wondering if I'd end up in the hospital again.

"The BT itself was very humbling and beautiful. I felt incredibly happy and loving afterwards and during the treatment. I since have felt lighter in body and spirit, like every cell in my body was invigorated and born anew. I felt incredibly awake, though at the same time very exhausted. Being in Dr. Raju's presence was humbling, cleansing, soothing, and inspiring. I will tell every woman I know and love to come the next time Dr. Raju comes to town. I will go too. I can hardly wait. :) Thank you with my whole heart and spirit." ~ USA

"I have been very fortunate to have had the BT several times since menopause.....

I know my cycle times from years past and the vaidyas can feel in my pulse when the underlying hormonal cycle is there for BT. Though they say it's much more powerful during menstruation, it still brings me increased energy and strength, along with deep purification. From the moment I swallow the herb, I can feel a special liveliness spreading in my body, and for those first few hours after taking it I feel very inward and quiet and sometimes fall deep asleep for hours, even in the middle of the day, like a very old & deep exhaustion has risen up to leave my body. It's a very special experience, and gives me such a health boost afterwards." ~ USA

My experience with the banana treatment was truly phenomenal.... 

In almost all of my periods I am bed-ridden and so sick. I just had my first period after BT and I had zero cramps and zero symptoms. I am amazed and so grateful. Thank you again. ~ USA

"This treatment is a real short cut to immortality.... 

I am 64 soon and had a BT last month for only 3 days but I felt as if I went through a full PK session it was so rejuvenating and enlivening.....and all this effect only in three short sessions and the cost of some bananas :) What a miracle is the Raju Health Center! I am waiting to have another BT soon, and wishing that EVERY LADY will have this blessing!" ~ ISRAEL

"Stability, clarity & internal strength are the prominent effects the Banana Treatment has had for me..... 

I find it very settling and strengthening to mind, soul and physiology. Female hormones are one of the most determining factors of a woman’s state of being. The Banana Treatment balances these hormones on a very fundamental level, creating lasting harmony. 

"In my case, a concrete example is the positive influence the Banana Treatment had on my period. I used to not be able to “survive” my very long and heavy cycles without using pain relievers which was a big stress. After taking just two Banana Treatments, I could already feel a big difference. My cycles became shorter and less painful. After two more treatments, my cycles now only last 5 days and I can get by without using pain medicine at all. The Banana Treatment has also helped me to settle anxiety and insomnia. 

"I am very grateful for having found this treatment. Through balancing my hormones, it has not only helped me to balance my physical body, but also to balance myself." ~ GERMANY

The Vaidyas strongly encourage all females still having their menstrual cycle to plan their PK so they will be in Hyderabad during their period for BT. When the health needs are more, two consecutive BT cycles with PK in between is the BEST!

Banana Treatment involves taking herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of the menstrual flow, along with a simple milk-rice diet and plenty of rest so that the body can devote all it's energy to clearing and healing. The treatment draws out toxins from all over the body into the menstrual blood through which they are expelled (note that all other PK treatments are put on hold during the days of menstrual flow).