Clearing the Doshas

Astanga Hridaya Sutrastan, 5.5 – 6.5 ~ Tridosha

वाय:पतं कफचेत यो दोषा: समासत: ॥ वकताऽवकता दे हं नित ते वतय ित च ।

vāyu: pittaṃ kaphaśceti trayo doṣā: samāsata: || vikṛtā’vikṛtā dehaṃ ghnanti te varttayanti ca |

Vayu (Vata) Pitta and kapha are the three Doshas of the body. Perfect balance of three Doshas leads to health, imbalance in Tridosha leads to diseases.

The Restoration of Balance and Health is a Two Step Process

Purification through Panchakarma:

When toxins accumulate in the body through stress or environmental impurities, the dosha balance essential for good health is lost and situations arise where there is too much of one or more of the doshas in the body. These imbalances vitiate or impair physiological functions, leading to disease. Specialized procedures are prescribed by the vaidya to loosen and remove the impure doshas, like removing stains from a cloth.

And Nourishment with Rasayana Therapy:

  • During panchakarma, nourishment comes through the healing power of the herbs and oils used in the treatments and daily rasayanas (herbal therapy).

  • But it is after PK, when the body is unencumbered by the weight of toxins, that is the most important time for nourishing rasayana therapy. “The body is like a clean white cloth after PK, so you can paint anything.” Vaidya Krishna Raju

The Importance of Vedic Sound Technologies

"Panchakarma is an enlivening of certain frequencies in the body. Because of the different marmas [energy junctions] different oils are selected. The oils are very very unique. You cannot find them in other places like that. There are hundreds of the oils used here. Why can’t we do only with one oil for everybody? Why not all the herbs into one oil? Why so many? Because it is the recognizing, and reaching the different areas that is important.

The skin looks like just the skin, but it is the representation of all the different organs. Like with takradhara, for example. One patient said "Only the takradhara here can take care of my blood pressure, nothing else is working ~ nothing. But just doing even one day of takradhara here immediately I can sleep, my blood pressure is normal ~ otherwise nothing. What happens for this to be? That certain frequency goes and makes that vibration in that area and fixes it ~ only that particular frequency can reach over there and set up like that. This is the way the different PK treatments work. It is not like, if it is basti it is like enema ~ they are not the same. With enema, they did not get into the deep principle." Vaidya J. R. Raju