From the Vaidyas

"You are meeting the Vaidya to improve your health." ~ Vaidya Krishna Raju

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Quotes & Lectures

Healing, Wholeness & Memory

"The disease is the teacher, not the curse. Nature is always teaching us, not taking life away. Somehow it is giving the knowledge that is needed for growth and bringing enlightenment,  so we should never be afraid of the disease..." 


Protection & Positivity

"Sometimes the energy flow gets diverted in the body. Our skin is protecting this flow, and because of that we have to do abhyanga every day.  And sometimes the energy is re-collecting and transforming in the body….all that you are doing with abhyanga, herbs, nasika, etc. helps this to happen properly... " 


Diet & Digestion

"The seven dhatus (tissues), five mahabutas (elements) and the Pachaka Agni (digestive fire) in the stomach total thirteen. These 13 Agnis are all controlled by the sun. That is why the breakfast should be light, when the sun is light and the moon is leaving.  Because of the full effect of the sun at noon, lunch can be taken in full amount. And in the night, dinner should be light..."


“Smriti means memory ~ bringing back the memory of what you are, back to yourself. You have health in your physiology, in your memory. 

So just reminding you of what you are, establishing that in yourself, is what is needed." 

Vaidya J.R. Raju