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"The disease is the teacher, not the curse. It is giving us knowledge and once we receive that knowledge the disease will go away—why would you want to deny that knowledge? It is like a mother disciplining a child, for the child’s benefit and protection. Mother is only teaching, not punishing. Nature is always teaching us, not taking life away. Somehow it is giving the knowledge that is needed for growth and bringing enlightenment, so we should never be afraid of the disease...."

Vaidya J.R. Raju

Recovery from Hemoglobin System Collapse / Multiple Myeloma in Remission

Blood Test Results April 2 - 2019.xlsx

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Lab Reports

Myopic Macular Degeneration Recovery

This site details my clinically authenticated and highly atypical recovery from myopic macular degeneration subsequent to residential Ayurvedic treatment and provides full clinical data, discussion and treatment contact details.

Healing stories from people all over the world who came to the Rajus for help.

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