Specialized Therapies

Resetting the Physical Frequencies to Restore Balance & Health  

Vedic wisdom teaches that there are special vital energies which come from the sun's rays onto the planet and into the plants and also our bodies. Ayurveda mobilizes these energies through subtle technologies that clear the channels and focus this power where it is needed most for healing.

The following specialized therapies are unique in the world today ~ available only through the care and safe-keeping of the Raju Family Vaidyas. 

These therapies are powerful for healing because they resonate, re-set, and balance the physiology at the deepest levels of mind-body functioning. Once "reminded" in this way of its own proper functioning, the body's ability to throw off stress and heal increases exponentially. 

The clinical and personal history of healing successes through these treatments is so extensive as to be irrefutable. 

"It is said that there are uncountable rays from the sun and all the rays are divided with the different names—1000 rays divided into categories. 

"One ray is rohita, "bringing up from the earth" like the water we give to the sun, climbing up. There are 100 rays like that which are continuously working to bring the rains around the world. And another 100 rays to form the clouds and different things like that, and for the food and the protection. And in the same way there are 100 rays working on this green energy for the plants. 

"ALL they are working in our brain also. But we are not able to utilize them properly. Because of that, the Vedic sounds and different things are most important to enliven these rays in our physiology." 

Vaidya J.R. Raju