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"Because of His Holiness Maharishiji, now we are able to see the Ayurveda like this. Otherwise it could have been much more destroyed and ruined. Even today what we are seeing, the value of Ayurveda, is not really how it is supposed to be. Maharishi wanted ALL of this knowledge to be seen perfectly. So still we have to see when it is to be introduced properly. Always, Maharishi wanted everything to be introduced at the proper time. It is such great knowledge ~ so wonderful, so powerful."   Vaidya J. R. Raju

Vaidya B.A. Raju

Vaidya J. R. Raju

Vaidya A.V. "Krishna" Raju

Vaidya Padma Nayani Raju

Vaidya  Krishna Raju ~ Dharma & Health:

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The Raju Family comes from a long line of distinguished Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) going back for generations on both the mother's and father's sides. They are native to Andra Pradesh and have lived in Hyderabad for more than 30 years, practicing natural healthcare through Ayurveda at their facilities in Champapet and Sahara States. 




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Effective Programs that Deliver Results

"In Panchakarma (PK) we work mainly with the consciousness because whatever we create in consciousness always comes in physiology. So the connectivity & coherence increase everywhere.

"We recommend Maharishi's TM to our PK Family because it makes our job much easier when every day you are enlivening your own Pure Consciousness from within. Maharishi made this meditation so perfect it is completely natural & effortless and is taught in his own words so you are getting complete knowledge at every step. 

"And when we have learned in the name of the Vedic Tradition of Masters who brought this knowledge to Earth, Maharishi says they will be with us (He will be with us) until we reach the goal."    

Vaidya Krishna Raju 

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Certified Instructors of Transcendental Meditation through Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's worldwide Transcendental Meditation Organization. 

With Vaidyas skilled in Pulse Diagnosis, herbal remedies & treatments the foundation for healing success is strong

The ancient vedic art of pulse diagnosis provides the basis for the Institute's treatment programs, with daily vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) consultations. According to Vedic Science, the vibrations of the pulse arise at the fundamental level of the individual where consciousness transforms into physiology, and reveal the different modes of functioning in the various aspects of the body. Accurate reading of the pulse can diagnose the state of balance and imbalance in each of these areas, for the most effective treatment plan at every step. 

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with Vaidyas Krishna & Padma Nayani Raju

Panama ~ Amazing Pulse Diagnosis: "At the Panchakarma (PK) Center, the most amazing experiences were the daily consultations with the Dr. Rajus. From touching my pulse they asked me about difficult events that happened 25 years ago and knew everything about my health. It felt like an honor to be diagnosed by them. In terms of the treatments, I was astonished at how many daily treatments we received.........

Iran ~ Long Term PK Benefits: "I started Panchakarma more than 10 years ago with Dr. Raju's family, and have been coming annually since then. Now I am 60 years old, but even though I am 10 years older I don’t feel that I age and everybody tells me that I look better than before even........

USA ~ Smriti Success Story: "I am happy to say we have had great success with the Raju Smriti formula.  My son who had been diagnosed with ADD has had a fabulous beginning of the school year without any drugs and only the Smriti.  He even got straight A's this quarter........

England ~ Myopic Macular Degeneration Recovery: This site details my clinically authenticated and highly atypical recovery from myopic macular degeneration........

USA ~ Remarkable Metabolic Improvements: "Since taking the high doses of Smirti, I have had some remarkable changes in my metabolic panel, which has allowed my doctor here to take me off most of my western medication..........


Join Padma's online Dinacharya group and transform your daily routine & health with Padma as your guide. With step by step guidance & shared group experiences, success is sure to be yours ~ DETAILS TBA!

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How we live is the most important thing we do for our health

"This is the value of learning Ashtanga. The body is ever changing & always decaying. So for this we are giving food as fuel. The body is like an engine. And how an engine needs cleaning & maintenance even when it has the fuel, like greasing to run smoothly so wear and tear can be reduced ~ similarly, our body will run smoothly if we follow all the proper rules and regulations of Ayurveda. With this Vedic method of living, even some in the daily life, so many blockages (Ama) can be prevented, and so many bad influences & diseases can be controlled. There are so many self-referral healing techniques in Ayurveda. In this course you will begin to learn them."  Vaidya Krishna Raju

 The Ayurveda 

Seasonal Routine

 For Balance, Health and 

Long Life

Ritucharya is the Seasonal Counterpart to Dinacharya (daily routine) 

It is the regimen or discipline to keep us healthy when nature changes strongly around us.

Sharing the Fundamentals of Authentic Ayurveda

Living in Tune with Nature Through Sun & Moon

Traditional Culture & Family Atmosphere 

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